Barstool Arizona Bonus Code & Sportsbook Review June 2024

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$10 free + $1,000 bet available at Barstool Sportsbook.

Arizona’s online sports betting market is in full swing. Including Barstool Sportsbook AZ, there are 18 sportsbook apps available for Arizona bettors to choose from.

But compared to many of the more popular or larger sportsbook operators, Barstool isn’t as well understood by both Arizona and other sports wagering fans. In fact, the latest Arizona Department of Gaming report showed the total amount of money wagered at Barstool AZ accounted for less than 4% of Arizona’s total wagers.

What exactly is Barstool sportsbook, is it a good choice for Arizona sports bettors, and what makes it stand out from its competitors?

Today, let’s break down Arizona’s Barstool sportsbook in detail.

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Barstool Arizona Promo Code June 2024

Barstool offers a generous and easy to access opening bonus: a $10 no deposit bonus when you make an account and a first wager up to $1,000.

Terms & conditions apply.

Barstool Arizona Promo CodeTBA
No Deposit Bonus$10 no deposit bonus
Risk-Free BetRisk-free bet up to $1,000
What States Allow Barstool SportsbookAZ, CO, IL, MI, PA, TN, VA
Barstool’s Land-Based PartnerNASCAR Phoenix Raceway
Promo Code Verified ForJune 2024

The opening bonus for new Barstool account holders is fairly straightforward, even though it comes in two parts. Firstly, when you sign up for the sportsbook, you’ll get a $10 bonus you can use on an initial wager to try out the mobile betting platform without having to risk any of your wagering cash.

Of course, this cash can’t be withdrawn and you can only use it for a single $10 bet (i.e. you can’t separate it into 10 $1 bets).

On the downside, you don’t get any extra value if your first wager hits. But on the upside, this does mean that you won’t lose your initial bundle of wagering cash if you are unlucky at first.

The opening bonus credit has to be played through at least one time before you can withdraw it as cash, but playthrough requirements are standard for opening bonuses among mobile sportsbooks. It’s a far better play-through requirement than the exorbitant 25x requirements used by some mobile sportsbook operators like DraftKings.

Aside from the opening bonus, you’ll be pleased to know that Barstool’s Arizona sportsbook offers a variety of other promotions, which help keep things interesting after you have seen all the major aspects the app has to offer.

Promotions are split into weekly and monthly categories, so there’s always something new to check out. These promos are usually free bet credits or odds boosts, which increase your opportunity for profit when wagering on specific betting lines. These promotions are also usually related to the current sports season, though Arizona sports bettors can also find plenty of promos related to the Arizona Cardinals from time to time!

That said, Barstool sportsbook does have two flaws when it comes to its total line of promotions. For starters, it doesn’t have any in-play promotional bonuses for the platform’s live bets. Since live betting is especially popular in this day and age, this is a major downside. Additionally, Barstool doesn’t usually offer weekend bonuses, meaning most of the betting promos crop up during the workweek.

But aside from these flaws, Barstool scores pretty highly in terms of both its opening and regular promotions and bonus opportunities.


In terms of odds competitiveness, Barstool is about average compared to other major sportsbooks in Arizona. While you won’t find the absolute fastest odds posted for recently announced matches or for futures bets with this mobile betting platform, you will find competitive odds for moneyline, point spread bets, totals bets, and more.

Barstool Point Spread And Totals Odds

Betting on point spreads or totals? Small differences are important. Sportsbooks might offer slightly different odds on the same game, making for lucrative differences if you shop around. Here’s a look at Barstool’s point spreads and totals for an NBA game compared to FanDuel’s lines on the same game.

Odds ComparisonBarstool Point SpreadFanDuel Point SpreadBarstool TotalsFanDuel Totals
Golden State Warriors+4 (-113)+3.5 (-106)Over 210 (-110)Over 210 (-110)
Boston Celtics-4 (-109)-3.5 (-114)Under 210 (-110)Under 210 (-110)

The totals lines are identical at Barstool or FanDuel, making either sportsbook a fine choice for a bet on the over or the under. However, the point spreads vary. Barstool has a better spread on the warriors, but you sacrifice a slightly higher payout you’d get at FanDuel with a lower spread. The Celtcis have a spread of -4 at Barstool, slightly harder to hit than FanDuel’s -3.5. But again, the odds are commensurate with the risk. FanDuel would pay slightly less but is more likely to hit and vice versa with regard to Barstool. Take a look at multiple sportsbooks to compare lines and find the best bet for you.

Barstool Moneyline Odds

Odds ComparisonBarstoolFanDuel
Chicago White Sox-186-194
Detroit Tigers+160+162

Baseball is a great sport for moneyline betting because games tend to be close matchups. In the table above, you can see this in action.

Barstool is the obvious choice for a bet on the Sox. A bet of $186 would pay $100 while FanDuel would require $194 for the same potential win. Meanwhile, FanDuel’s +162 on the Tigers slightly edges out Barstool’s +160.

Again, one look at odds comparisons between two sportsbooks shows how beneficial shopping around can be.

Barstool Futures Odds

If you’re betting on futures markets, the strategy is simple: go for the best possible payout on any bet. Here’s a comparison of Barstool and FanDuel futures odds for the 2022 World Series.

Odds ComparisonBarstoolFanDuel
LA Dodgers+400+350
NY Yankees+500+500
HOU Astros+700+700
NY Mets+750+750
TOR Blue Jays+1000+1000

Keep in mind this doesn’t represent every team in the running. Instead, we’ve kept it to the top five teams. As you’ll see, the odds are near-identical, but Barstool has better odds on the favorites: the LA Dodgers. If you are betting on them, stick with Barstool. Any other team? You can place that bet at either sportsbook for the same possible payout.

One final time, we see how comparing odds can make the case for shopping around at multiple sportsbooks to find the most advantageous lines.



Unlike several other sportsbooks currently active in Arizona, Barstool offers excellent betting market diversity and depth overall. Of course, you’ll be able to place bets on major American and professional sports leagues, like baseball, basketball, and football. You’ll also find markets for hockey, boxing, cricket, golf, motorsports, rugby, soccer, tennis, and more!

Notably, these betting markets include wagers for international sporting events, like European soccer league games. However, if you’re looking for more niche betting markets, like those for darts or eSports, you’ll probably need to find a different betting platform. Barstool doesn’t usually have betting markets for such niche sporting activities. This could change in the future in eSports’ case, however.

Still, Barstool’s available markets are far better than betting platforms that only offer a handful of betting markets for football and baseball.


Should you decide to try Barstool sportsbook for yourself, you’ll need to deposit funds to your account quickly and easily. Luckily, Barstool makes this simpler than ever and offers a variety of account funding options, including:

  • ACH or e-check transfers
  • Online bank transfers
  • Credit or debit card transfers
  • PayPal transfers
  • Wire transfers
  • Barstool Play+ cards, which are prepaid

Furthermore, Barstool sportsbook is officially partnered with NASCAR and the Phoenix Raceway. While a retail sportsbook isn’t yet up and running, when this is eventually constructed, you’ll be able to both deposit and withdraw your funds from this location.

Speaking of withdrawals, Barstool offers fewer ways to take your funds out of your sports wagering account overall, though there are still plenty of methods for reasonable flexibility:

  • Prepaid Play+ cards
  • PayWithMyBank transfers
  • PayPal transfers
  • Checks delivered in the mail
  • VIP Preferred transfers

Note that both deposits and withdrawals have a $10 minimum for each transaction, although Barstool doesn’t place any limitations on the maximum you can deposit or withdraw at once. All withdrawal requests will take a few business days to process, but not much longer. Checks can take up to 2 weeks to arrive.

Ultimately, Barstool does pretty well in terms of offering its users flexibility in terms of deposit and withdrawal methods.


Barstool’s mobile app is as well-designed and high-quality as other mobile sportsbook platforms in Arizona at this time. Signing up for the app is quick and simple and it’s available for both iOS and Android devices.

Once you log into the app for the first time, you’ll find a very navigable interface to greet you. For example, all of the sportsbook’s feature promotions are clearly displayed in a rotating banner near the top. Each promo has a basic description so you know what to expect if you decide to jump into that wagering opportunity.

The app also comes with a “contests” section, which is popular during high-profile matches or events like the World Series. These games allow you to compete with other Barstool sportsbook users for major prize pools.

Also nice is the parlay insurance. Barstool sportsbook reimburses 100% of your parlay stake if you miss the bet by one or two legs only. The app overall is usually lag-free, even if a lot of people are using the betting platform simultaneously. Live betting, naturally, is available on Barstool like it is with most other competitive sportsbook platforms.

The mobile app also has a couple of notable extra features that are worth mentioning. For example, Barstool offers a “Quick Pick 6” wager type exclusive to this betting platform. It allows you to make parlays with six legs and allows you to choose the timeframe and the sports for the parlay wagers in question.

These are essentially customized bets you can shuffle randomly if you don’t like the featured games on the main menu of the app.

We also like the “move the line” function, which allows you to adjust the betting line up to eight points in either direction. The app does all the calculations and automatically displays the updated odds for the betting line as soon as you hit this button.

Lastly, Barstool offers a variety of responsible gaming controls, like a self-exclusion option, time or wager limits, and deposit limits. These are always nice to see with mobile betting platforms, as gambling addiction is a real issue for some (especially since mobile betting apps let you put your money down anywhere within state lines).


In the end, Barstool sportsbook is a reasonably good mobile betting platform for Arizona residents who don’t mind not having a retail counterpart to check out at the moment. Barstool offers live betting, a good mobile betting app, excellent market depth and variety, and reasonably competitive betting odds.

In addition, a handful of special features like parlay bet insurance, plus good ongoing and opening bonus promotions, solidify Barstool as a major competitor in the Arizona sports betting market. If you’re looking for a new sportsbook app to try out to keep things fresh, or you just want another option for your line shopping, Barstool will suit your needs either way.

Is Barstool Sportsbook Legit?


Like most other legal sportsbooks, Barstool comes from a long and trustworthy brand. It has a parent company named Penn National, which itself is a major gambling corporation that operates over 40 different properties throughout the US and Canada alike.

Barstool is also currently active in a variety of other states, like New Jersey and Colorado. This is important because it indicates that other state government bodies have investigated and verified this app and its legitimacy overall.

Naturally, Barstool only began offering sports wagering in Arizona after receiving approval from the Arizona Department of Gaming. Barstool is currently looking to expand into other states, as well. Simply put, Barstool is as far from a sketchy or untrustworthy betting app as you can get.

Why Use Barstool Sportsbook Over An Illegal Betting Site?

Illegal betting sites are no longer necessary for Arizona residents since online sports betting is fully legal in this state.

On top of that, illegal betting sites have a number of major problems, such as:

  • Lackluster digital security, which may put your funds or personal information at risk from hackers
  • Poor betting odds or wagering opportunities, to say nothing of the lack of opening bonuses or regular promotions
  • Poor sports wagering experiences overall. Most offshore and illegal betting sites are poorly made and don’t feature streamlined apps or interfaces

In contrast, Barstool sportsbook has a phenomenal mobile app, an easy-to-navigate user interface, and ongoing promotions to keep things very interesting over the coming weeks and months. If you want to really enjoy your time betting on sports, Barstool sportsbook and other legal sports wagering apps are the way to go.

Why Can You Trust Barstool Arizona With Your Money?

You can trust Barstool sportsbook in Arizona for two major reasons:

  • It has already been investigated and licensed by the Arizona Department of Gaming, which regulates all gambling and sports betting activities within the state
  • It has a proprietary mobile app for Arizona residents that uses geolocation software to prevent you from placing bets outside state lines

These factors combined indicate that Barstool is an overall trustworthy organization and is dedicated to adhering to the Arizona State government’s rules and regulations for licensed, legitimate sports betting play.

If you need even more evidence that Barstool isn’t a sketchy site or mobile betting app, consider the self-exclusion and gambling control tools they offer to each user. Barstool is committed to providing a safe and fair gaming environment for each of its users, which is why it gives you the tools to protect yourself from gambling addiction if needed.

Barstool Arizona Fact Sheet

How old do you have to be?21
What states is Barstool legal in?VA, CO, IL, MI, PA, TN, AZ
Who is Barstool’s partner in Arizona?NASCAR Phoenix Raceway
Launch date in ArizonaSeptember 9, 2021

Barstool Arizona Sportsbook FAQ

Is it legal to bet on sports online with Barstool sportsbook in Arizona at this time?

Yes. Barstool sportsbook is fully licensed and operational in Arizona, though a retail sportsbook under this brand has not yet been constructed.

How old do you need to be to place bets online with Barstool in Arizona?

21 or older. 21 is the minimum gambling age throughout Arizona for most activities.

Do you need to be in Arizona when you place a sports wager using Barstool?

If you have downloaded Barstool Arizona, then yes. This sportsbook uses geolocation software to ensure that all users are within state lines when placing a bet or withdrawing their winnings.

Is in-play betting available at Barstool sportsbook in Arizona?

Yes, Barstool sportsbook offers in-play betting in Arizona and every other state where it is currently active.

Does Barstool offer any free bets or deposit bonuses?

Yes. You get a $10 free bet credit just for signing up, plus a $1,000 bet opportunity for the first wager you place that uses your own cash.

Who is Barstool partnered with in Arizona?

NASCAR through the Phoenix Raceway racing arena. The plan is to develop a physical or retail Barstool location sometime over the next year or two.

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