5 Tips For Betting On The Arizona Cardinals

Since sports betting launched in Arizona this year, fans have been setting records for sports handle and revenue. Folks in Arizona love their teams, both college and professional.

The Arizona Cardinals are enjoying a fantastic season in 2021, and as a result, there is much excitement surrounding the team as it plays its schedule.

Betting on the Cardinals and the NFL can be intimidating for fans who haven’t done so or even casual bettors. This guide offers five tips to become a better sports bettor as you root on the Cardinals.

How To Bet On the NFL And The Cardinals

The most popular NFL bets are on the moneyline, which is listed to show who the favorite and the underdog are. For example, if the Cardinals are -180 favorites on the moneyline, you would have to place $180 on them to win $100 on your bet.

Every NFL game will also have a point spread, a number that represents the perceived difference between the teams in any given game. For example, if the Cardinals are listed at -8.5 favorites against the Seahawks, that means they have to win by nine points to pay off on a point spread bet. Even if the Seahawks were to lose by 7 points, they would still cover the spread and deliver a betting win as an underdog.

You can also place a wager on the total points in a game, also known as the over/under. You choose over or under, and if the points totals (for both teams) are under or over, you win if you picked correctly.

Now that you know the basics of how the bets are placed, here are five tips for betting on the Cardinals.

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Jump On The Team Futures Betting Market

How many people would have thought that the 2021 Cardinals would start the season 7-0? Surprisingly, that’s exactly what happened, and the team could eventually earn home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs. That could lead to a Super Bowl appearance. If you had bet on the Cardinals to win the Super Bowl before the season started, you could have gotten +4000 on FanDuel as late as July 20. That means a $100 bet on the Cardinals to win Super Bowl LVI would get you $4,000 if they did it.

During the preseason, and even in the first weeks of the regular season, take a peek at the team’s futures odds for opportunities. Is a team undervalued? Most sportsbooks also let you bet on total team wins for the regular season, so consider that team futures betting market.

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Educate Yourself On Arizona Cardinals Trends

Famed college basketball coach John Wooden once said, “If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.”

That’s true about your betting strategies. If you don’t put in the preparation, you risk being sunk by a bad bet. Information is crucial to sports bettors, and you should be well-informed about your favorite team and the teams you will be betting on. Visit news websites, and subscribe to email newsletters to get the best and latest information.

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Follow Injury Reports

Be sure to check the injury report every week to see which players are active. In fact, if you are a serious bettor, you should examine injury reports all week leading up to the game. Sometimes players get hurt in practice or become unavailable due to illness.

If you follow the Arizona Cardinals team accounts on social media, you will get alerts on major injury news, and links to a full injury report the same report that must be sent to the league offices.

Take Advantage of the Props Betting Market

DeAndre Hopkins may not typically lead the Cardinals in receiving yards, but he is an established touchdown scorer. He’s the type of player you may want to place a prop bet on: To score a TD or to score a TD of more than 30 yards, or 50 yards, and so on.

Player props allow you to place wagers on game events other than the outcome of the game. This can be more fun, but it also gives you a chance to lay down a bet on a game where maybe you aren’t sure about the outcome.

All sportsbooks have player props for the NFL, which typically always include scoring a TD and reaching milestones like 100 yards rushing or receiving, or total passing TDs. You can even bet on who scores the first points of the game, and on kickers.

Consider Betting with More Than One Sportsbook

There is an old saying, “Never place all your eggs in one basket,” that is an old saying for a reason: It makes sense. Don’t just slap money down on the Cardinals at one sportsbook. Make sure to check several sportsbooks so you can find the best deals and offers for you. Not all sportsbooks will offer the same bets, and odds can be different. So, go ahead and create accounts at more than one.

Be careful, though. Don’t go wild and bet across dozens of sportsbooks on the same games. Using 2-3 sportsbooks for your regular betting is a smart idea so you can find the odds that work for your betting strategy.

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