Betfred Arizona Bonus Code & Sportsbook Review September 2022

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Bet $50 and get $250 with our Betfred promo code SHARPBET

Although Betfred doesn’t yet carry the same kind of brand recognition as some of the other top AZ sportsbooks, Arizona bettors who aren’t giving it a chance are making a mistake. Between its competitive odds, easy to obtain welcome offer, and daily odds boosts, Betfred Arizona is a fantastic choice for sports bettors of all experience levels.

In it’s first full month operating in Arizona, Betfred saw almost $3.5 million in wagers on its platform. While nowhere near DraftKings or Fanduel, it’s a respectable number, especially considering that total surpassed several Arizona sportsbooks that have been up and running for months.

Let’s break down the Betfred mobile sports betting app and take a look at bet-and-get offer worth $250.

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Betfred Arizona Promo Code September 2022

Betfred is offering new Arizona bettors $250 for betting $50. These types of promotions are generally better than risk free bets because you get the $250 in free bets regardless of the outcome of your first bet.

Use our Betfred Arizona promo code SHARPBET to claim.

Additional terms & conditions apply.

Betfred Arizona Promo CodeSHARPBET
Bet and GetBet $50 to get $250
What States Allow BetfredAZ, CO, IA & PA
Betfred's Land-Based PartnerWe-Ko-Pa Casino Resort
Promo Code Verified ForSeptember 2022



New Betfred Arizona users are being offered $250 in free bets. All you have to do is use promo code SHARPBET and place a bet of at least $50 to claim your $250.  

Some things to know about this offer:

  • After placing your first wager worth $50 or more, your free bets are broken down as such:
    • $100 in free bets immediately.
    • A $50 free bet the Monday after your first bet.
    • Your final $50 free bets will come over the next two weeks but you have to wager at least $1 each week.
      • These wagers must also settle in the same week they are made (i.e. don’t make a futures bet).
  • Your initial $50 wager must have minimum odds of -200.
  • Wagers on Betfred Boosts won’t count as qualifying bets.

Ongoing Betfred Promos

Betfred Sportsbook promotions don’t stop once your foot is in the proverbial door. You can always count on daily odds boosts which you’ll find in the specially marked “Betfred Boost” section at the top of the app or through the promotions tab.

The majority of the boosts offered by Betfred are based on parlays, but unlike other sportsbooks, these aren’t crazy 5+ leg parlays with extremely long odds. Betfred does a really good job of offering sensible, enticing parlays.

Here are a few examples of Betfred Boosts from July 1, 2022:

  • MLB: Red Sox and Blue Jays both win, boosted from +175 to +210
  • MLB: Brewers to win and Corbin Bournes over 8.5 strikeouts, boosted from +160 to +200
  • WNBA: Sparks and Aces both win, boosted from +280 to +340
  • Liga MX: Nexaca and Mazatlan both win, boosted from +380 to +460



The best Arizona sportsbooks universally have competitive odds so there’s always an opportunity for a great payout no matter which side of a competition you decide to put your money down on. Fortunately, Betfred has reasonably competitive odds in every category no matter the wager type you prefer.

Additionally, Betfred offers live wagering, sometimes also referred to as in-game betting. The odds for these wagers are formulated using automated algorithms, and the odds change almost constantly depending on the score. We found these odds to be competitive and accessible, even if you are new to live betting overall.

For a closer look, we’ll compare Betfred’s odds to FanDuel’s below. Shopping for the best odds at multiple sportsbook is the best way to ensure you’re getting the best possible payout, and the info below will help you better understand the value you can find in doing so.

Betfred Point Spreads And Totals

Small differences make a big impact in point spread and totals betting. Case in point: these odds from Betfred compared to FanDuel’s lines on the same NBA game.

Odds ComparisonBetfred Point SpreadFanDuel Point SpreadBetfred TotalsFanDuel Totals
Golden State Warriors+4 (-115)+3.5 (-106)Over 210 (-105)Over 210 (-110)
Boston Celtics-4 (-105)-3.5 (-114)Under 210 (-115)Under 210 (-110)

The point spreads present some intriguing choices. Betfred’s -4 on the Celtics is less likely to hit but provides a better payout than FanDuel’s -3.5 spread. Meanwhile, Betfred’s Warriors line is +4, but again has slightly worse paying odds than FanDuel’s +3.5.

The totals, meanwhile, present a clear-cut choice. If you’re betting the over, Betfred has the better odds. The under? FanDuel beats out Betfred.

Choices like these are very common in sports betting, and they make the case for a measured approach when you’re looking for the best bet. Always keep an eye out for advantageous odds and lines at competing sportsbooks.

Betfred Moneyline Odds

Odds ComparisonBetfredFanDuel
Chicago White Sox-200-194
Detroit Tigers+165+162

Many baseball fans favor moneyline bets because the sport often has close match-ups and near-even odds. The odds above showcase that in practice with FanDuel offering a better line on the favorite Chicago White Sox while Betfred edges it out with a more advantageous line on the Detroit Tigers.

The differences may seem small—and they really are—but these things can add up over time, especially if you’re making multiple bets. Always find the better-paying odds on a given bet by looking through the odds at multiple sportsbooks.

Betfred Futures

Keep in mind that you always want to find the best paying odds on a given futures bet. Variation is large between sportsbooks, so shopping around is always the best practice. Here’s a look at Betfred’s World Series odds for 2022 alongside FanDuel’s.

Odds ComparisonBetfredFanDuel
LA Dodgers+425+350
NY Yankees+600+500
HOU Astros+800+700
NY Mets+800+750
TOR Blue Jays+1000+1000

Here, Betfred is the best place for almost any MLB futures bet. The sportsbook beats FanDuel’s odds by a significant stretch for almost every team on this chart. There are, of course, other teams in contention, but these are the top teams at most sportsbooks right now.

This is a great example of how looking at multiple sportsbooks will have a big impact on your potential winnings. Betfred gives some great odds here, significantly beating out a major competitor.


Betfred offers all the major wager types you could want as an Arizona sports bettor, ranging from spread bets to totals bets to prop bets and more. More importantly, you can place these wager types on all the major US sporting leagues and events, including NFL games, NBA games, UFC games, MMA, NASCAR races, PGA Tour events, the Super Bowl, and much more.

We also like that Betfred offers extensive betting markets for a variety of soccer leagues: great news if you are an Arizona sports bettor who also likes to participate in sports bets for this major European pastime. These leagues include Europe’s Champions League, Germany’s Bundesliga league, and Spain’s La Liga League.

As you already know as an Arizona resident, college sports are a way of life for many. If you want to bet on the Arizona Wildcats or the Arizona State Sun Devils, good news: Betfred allows for college sports bets for both basketball and football.

As a result, you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding the sports league, specific betting line, or major upcoming event betting market you want on Betfred. 

The only area where Betfred doesn’t measure up is in niche sports or activities, such as cricket, darts, or eSports. While occasional betting lines may be available for these activities and similar markets, it’s nowhere near the variety you can find for standard football or basketball games.

Still, Betfred’s market depth and variety are more than enough for casual Arizona bettors.


A great sportsbook in Arizona should offer a variety of deposit and cash-out methods so you can both fund your account and withdraw your betting winnings at any time. Remote deposit is where Betfred truly shines, as the sportsbook offers:

  • Credit card transactions
  • E-wallet transactions to platforms like Skrill
  • E-check transactions or ACH transfers
  • Prepaid card deposits
  • PayNearMe terminal deposits

When it comes to withdrawals, Arizona residents should also be pleased to find all of the above methods for drawing their winnings into their bank accounts. However, you will also be able to withdraw your winnings or make a deposit at the physical casino cash cage at We-Ko-Pa Casino Resort, which is Betfred’s land-based partner in Arizona.

So, no matter whether you need to fund your account or withdraw your winnings, Betfred scores highly in both regards.


How does Betfred measure up compared to other mobile sports betting platforms? The answer: quite well!

Betfred offers a pretty streamlined mobile platform for both iOS and Android devices. When you open up the app, you’ll find controls to access your account, to find ongoing promotions via a dedicated button and page, and to find your betting slip, which is displayed on the right-hand side of the screen.

If you have used more popular sports betting apps like DraftKings or FanDuel, you may notice Betfred has a slightly slower response time when flipping between tabs. It isn’t egregious by any means and definitely doesn’t detract from the overall betting experience. This is just merely something to note.

When scrolling through the app reviews on both the App Store and Google Play Store, one thing immediately stands out – the praise for Betfred’s customer service. As of this writing, Betfred carries a 4.1/5 rating on the App Store and a 3.2/5 on the Google Play Store. It’s not uncommon to see Android reviews be lower than its iOS counterpart, however. This could have something to do with the fact gambling and sports betting apps weren’t allowed to be on the Google Play Store until March 2021.



In the end, Betfred is sure to make a major splash in the Arizona mobile sports betting market when it arrives. The mobile app itself is very well-designed and extremely navigable, and it offers good market depth and variety for all the major US sports you’re interested in. If you want to check out international sports betting markets, Betfred has you covered there as well.

We also really like the opening bonus. Betfred’s deposit and withdrawal methods, customer support, and other elements solidify Betfred as a competitor in the Arizona sports betting market.

Is Betfred Legit?

Yes. Betfred is already active in Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Iowa. In addition, Betfred is looking to receive licensure in states like Nevada and Louisiana.

More to the point, the Arizona Department of Gaming has already reviewed and essentially fully licensed Betfred Sportsbook for operation in the very near future. Betfred has launched a pre-registration program as a result of this decision.

What does this mean for you? It means that Betfred has been investigated and vetted for signs of corruption, fraud, or other problematic behaviors. Since Betfred is already fully licensed in other states and there haven’t been any problems, it’s no surprise that its licensure in Betfred also went off without a hitch.

Although Betfred is a European-based sportsbook operator, it hasn’t had any problems operating in the US so far. In fact, this sportsbook’s European origins allow it to provide greater than average market depth and variety for European sports and international activities like soccer.

Why Choose Betfred Arizona Over Illegal Betting Sites?

Arizona sports betting is now fully legal, and there are already plenty of great online operators to check out. Because of this, there’s no real reason to try illegal betting sites or to risk your personal information or funds.

Illegal betting sites have a few key problems with them, namely:

  • Bad digital security, which puts you at risk of your identity being stolen or funds being stolen by a cybercriminal
  • Lack of government accountability. Because illegal betting sites are almost always offshore, there’s no way for the US government or a state government to pursue legal recourse if your funds are stolen
  • Poor betting odds and a generally bad gambling experience. Official, licensed sports wagering platforms get their odds using official league data and much better sources overall. Offshore or illegal betting sites are not likely to provide you with profitable, fun betting action

Because of all these reasons, illegal betting sites are never worth your time and money. In comparison, Betfred (and other official, licensed sportsbooks in Arizona) offers:

  • Very good digital security, including SSL certification
  • Full verification and licensure from the Arizona Department of Gaming, which also serves as a support channel you can contact if you suspect there’s an issue with your account
  • Very good betting odds derived from official league data and official sources

In short, Betfred is the polar opposite of an offshore or legal betting site, which is why you should choose it or any other official and licensed sportsbook every time.

Why Can You Trust Betfred Sportsbook With Your Money?

Betfred leverages antiviral firewalls and SSL certification to protect your personal information when you send it to or from the mobile app or the desktop platform. These minimize the possibility of identity theft or other issues, which can plague unprotected sites or illegal betting platforms.

In addition, Betfred has already been licensed and investigated by the Arizona Department of Gaming. This just means that Betfred hasn’t been accused of fraud or other criminal activities. There’s no chance they’ll steal your winnings or your personal information, and there’s also no chance that they will withhold your winnings if you try to withdraw them fairly.

Betfred is a legitimate, trusted sportsbook operation, which means you can give them your money and not have to worry about it being misused or “misplaced”.

Betfred Fact Sheet

How old do you have to be?21
What states is Betfred legal in?Colorado, Iowa, Pennsylvania
Who is Betfred’s partner in Arizona?We-Ko-Pa Casino Resort

Betfred Arizona Sportsbook FAQ

Is Betfred legal to use in Arizona?

Yes, Betfred Arizona is now legal in and bettors in the state can download the Betfred app from the Apple iOS store or Google Play Store.

How old do you need to be to bet online at Betfred sportsbook in Arizona?

You’ll need to be 21 years of age or older, which is the legal age to participate in sports betting in Arizona overall regardless of operator or platform.

Will you need to be in Arizona when you place a sports wager using Betfred?

Yes. Like all other states with legal sports betting, Arizona requires its sportsbooks to use geolocation software to prevent residents from placing bets outside state lines.

Can you do in-play betting using Betfred sportsbook in Arizona?

Yes. Betfred offers in-play betting in every location where it is currently active including Arizona. 

Who is Betfred partnered with in Arizona?

Betfred is partnered with the We-Ko-Pa Casino Resort in Arizona.

Is Betfred in the US?

Yes! Established in the UK in 1967, Betfred is expanding into the US and is now available in AZ, CO, IA & PA.

What’s the best way to make a deposit at Betfred Sportsbook in Arizona?

An online bank transfer or electronic wallet transaction are the fastest and safest way to fund your sports betting account on Betfred.

What is the Betfred Arizona promo code?

Bet $50 and get $250 in free bets by using Betfred Arizona promo code ct id=496 slug=betfred-sportsbook-code-sharp-div].

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