FanDuel Sportsbook Arizona Review

Sports betting is finally on the horizon for Arizona residents, and it’s been a long time coming! The FanDuel Arizona app could be one of the first sports betting apps to launch in the state on September 9th.

While Arizona’s legislators work out the details, it’s about time for you to start taking out the sportsbook you want to download first. Your choice of sportsbook can affect the opening bonus you get, how successful your first wagers are, and what kind of betting markets you have access to.

In our opinion, you may want to check out FanDuel: one of the two largest mobile sportsbook operators in the industry and a company that already has an official partnership with the Phoenix Suns. Let’s break down everything you need to know about FanDuel, so you’re ready to start wagering on this platform when it finally launches on September 9.

FanDuel Arizona Promo Code For 2021

FanDuel has one of the best bonus offers for new account holders: a risk-free bet worth up to $1000 and you can claim it using our exclusive FanDuel Arizona promo code link. Terms and conditions apply.

FanDuel Arizona Promo CodeClick to claim FanDuel Bonus
Launch DateSeptember 9, 2021
Risk-Free Bet$1000 risk-free bet distributed in vouchers
What States Allow FanDuelMI, PA, NJ, CO, IN, WV, TN, IL, IA, VA, AZ
FanDuel’s Land-Based PartnerPhoenix Suns
Promo Code Verified ForJuly 2021

No matter what type of wager you place after making your account, you’ll get refunded up to $1000 in site credit if it doesn’t go your way.

Note, however, that the site credit is distributed across a few vouchers. For instance, if you get $100 back in site credit, you’ll get five vouchers worth values like $50, $20, $10, and so on to total $100. You must also play through your site credit at least once before you can withdraw that credit as cash.

How To Register For A FanDuel Account

At this time, it’s not known whether Arizona’s future sports betting industry will allow you to register remotely or if you’ll have to complete your sportsbook registration by visiting a partnered retail casino or sports stadium. Because FanDuel will be partnered with the Phoenix Suns, it is possible the state will require bettors to visit the Footprint Center (home of the Suns) to complete registration. 

It’s possible that you’ll need to visit one of their casinos to complete the registration process after following the below steps:

  • Download FanDuel to your iPhone or Android device. If you have an iPhone device, simply find the FanDuel app on the App Store. Android phone users may need to navigate to the FanDuel desktop site and download the app from there, as the Google Play Store doesn’t yet allow gambling app downloads in Arizona
  • The installation will begin immediately after you download the sportsbook. At that point, you’ll be able to start the registration process
  • Provide some key pieces of personal information to make your account, including your Social Security number, date of birth, and more. Once your identity is verified, your account will be completed
  • You can then add a deposit method to your FanDuel account, including using credit or debit cards or connecting a bank account

Additionally, the FanDuel mobile sportsbook will install geolocation software onto your device. This will prevent you from making a sports wager outside Arizona state lines; it’s a standard feature in all other legal sportsbooks in the country.

FanDuel: Bonus And Promotional Grade (4.8/5)

As mentioned above, FanDuel provides an excellent opening bonus in the form of a $1000 risk-free bet. Even though the site credit is distributed through the vouchers and you have to play through the credit at least once before you can withdraw it, it’s an excellent opening bonus through and through. The play-through requirement is actually quite low compared to the requirements found with other sportsbook bonuses.

But FanDuel also provides other promotional opportunities and bonuses from time to time. For example, FanDuel provides regular odds boosts for popular betting lines, especially on big game days when a highly anticipated match is expected to occur.

Therefore, even experienced sports bettors will find engaging betting action on the FanDuel mobile sportsbook. 

FanDuel Sportsbook: Odds Vs The Competition Grade (4.5/5)

FanDuel will also be a great mobile sportsbook choice for Arizona residents thanks to its player-friendly odds and fantastic betting lines. FanDuel regularly offers excellent betting action for both underdog and favorite bettors across a wide range of sporting activities.

More experienced sports bettors will find that FanDuel provides fantastic divisional and championship odds. As a result, big paydays from future wagers will be more than accessible if you know what to look for. As mentioned, FanDuel regularly engages odds boosts for certain betting lines, so its already player-friendly odds can occasionally be even more attractive.

Unfortunately, one of FanDuel’s most interesting aspects – a focus on prop or proposition bets – won’t be available to Arizona residents. That’s because Arizona’s sports betting legislation has explicitly outlawed prop betting for all legal sportsbooks.

However, you’ll still be able to place wagers across most other major bet types you’d expect, like totals bets, futures bets, parlay bets, and moneyline bets.

FanDuel: Market Depth And Variety Grade (4.8/5)

FanDuel’s sports betting platform has excellent market depth and variety; it’s not truly beaten by any other sportsbook operator (although a few internationally-focused operators, like BetMGM or Caesars, have slightly more options in this area).

Indeed, Arizona sports betting enthusiasts will find that they’ll be able to place wagers on all major American professional sports, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, PGA and more. Plus, FanDuel offers betting markets for activities like NASCAR racing, MMA fighting, darts, and even more niche activities like eSports.

What about international sports? FanDuel offers a range of betting markets for things like Korean baseball and Australian rules rugby, plus additional international sporting markets.

All in all, FanDuel has a great range of betting markets and opportunities for both beginner and experienced sports bettors alike.

FanDuel: Deposit And Cashout Grade (5/5)

Any good sportsbook should allow you to make a deposit and withdraw your winnings in a variety of ways. The more flexibility you have, the easier you’ll be able to get the cash you’ve won from successful bets.

Fortunately, FanDuel scores quite highly in this regard. It provides four withdrawal methods in total: electronic wallet transfers using platforms like PayPal, prepaid card transfers, ACH transfers, and regular credit and debit card transfers. These are all electronic methods, so be prepared to wait for about a business day (or sometimes longer) for your winnings to show up in your bank accounts.

However, since FanDuel is building its own retail sportsbook operation at the Phoenix Suns Arena, you’ll also likely be able to visit this physical cash cage and withdraw your cash instantly. You can make a deposit at this cash cage, or use the withdrawal methods above.

As you can see, FanDuel provides plenty of methods for both funding your account and withdraw your winnings after a successful betting streak. This is superior to many competing sportsbooks, which often require you to wait several business days to get your cash after a good bet.

FanDuel Sportsbook: Mobile App Grade (5/5)

FanDuel might have what it takes in terms of market offerings, but its mobile app also measures up high compared to the competition.

Its mobile interface is user-friendly and intuitive, featuring a clean layout and easy to read text that makes navigating through the sportsbook to find the perfect betting line or market quick and simple.

For example, you’ll be able to find all of your major betting markets using one window, plus control all of your active wagers from another, separate window. You’ll never lose track of your bets, even if you place a lot of wagers in rapid succession on a busy game day.

Even better, FanDuel allows you to search the entire sportsbook using a special search bar at the bottom of the screen. Whether you need a tutorial, customer service, or just a particular betting line, you can quickly reach any spot you need to with a touch of a few buttons.

FanDuel’s betting slip is easy to access and control; just swipe up from the bottom of the screen and it’ll pop up for your perusal. Like many major sportsbooks, FanDuel provides live streaming and in-play betting from the combined interface, which allows you to place wagers in the middle of the action.

All in all, FanDuel provides a fantastic mobile app through and through, with minimal lag and a lot of excellent features that make it more than worth your time.

FanDuel: Overall Grade (4.8/5)

FanDuel Arizona Final Score
Overall, if you want a fantastic sports betting experience as soon as the industry fully launches in Arizona, you would do well to check out FanDuel. It not only has one of the best mobile apps in the industry, but it also has a player-friendly opening bonus that cushions you against early losses so you don’t get the wind taken out of your sails from an unlucky first bet. The betting markets and lines available with the sportsbook are top-tier, formulated by expert linemakers, and are guaranteed to provide fantastic betting action regardless of the teams you like to favor. It also comes with plenty of deposit and withdrawal options so you can always add more money to your account or withdraw your winnings when you need to quickly. Check this app out as soon as it launches and consider stopping by FanDuel’s retail sportsbook at the Phoenix Suns Arena.
Bonus And Promotional
Odds Vs The Competition
Market Depth And Variety
Deposit And Cashout
Mobile App Grade
Reader Rating0 Votes
Wide range of deposit and withdrawal options
Player-friendly opening bonus
Could use more betting options compared to its competitors

Is FanDuel Legit?

Yes. FanDuel has been a fully licensed and registered sportsbook operator in the US for many years now, and it has active sportsbook platforms in a variety of other states, like New Jersey and Colorado. All this is to say that FanDuel has already been reviewed and vetted by a number of other regulatory bodies.

Furthermore, FanDuel will be investigated by the Arizona Department of Gaming, which is the organization that will be in charge of the broader sports betting industry in this state. This investigation will make sure that FanDuel has insurance for its users in the event that their winnings are lost, plus confirm that it has satisfying digital security.

With a sterling reputation so far and a history of successful activity in other states, there’s no reason to suspect that FanDuel is anything less than a perfectly legitimate operator.

Why Choose FanDuel Over Illegal Betting Sites?

Illegal betting sites remain a temptation for many Arizona sports betting enthusiasts who just can’t wait for the industry to launch. But you should never use an offshore or illegal sportsbook app for a variety of reasons.

For example, offshore and illegal sites don’t have good digital security, which can lead to your personal information and your account deposits being compromised. Not only can your money be stolen, but your personal information can be stolen and sold on the black market, leading to identity theft and further monetary losses.

Furthermore, illegal betting sites usually have bad betting odds and lines for their users. Therefore, even if you were to get lucky and find a non-criminal offshore betting site, you aren’t likely to have a good time or make big profits on your successful bets since the sites don’t use official league data or good line-making algorithms.

All in all, it’s never worthwhile to pick an illegal betting site over FanDuel or its other licensed competitors.

Why Can You Trust FanDuel With Your Money?

For a lot of reasons, in fact. As mentioned, FanDuel has already been investigated multiple times and found to be a secure, trustworthy sportsbook operator. Once it acquires licensure from the Arizona Department of Gaming, you’ll have even more reason to trust FanDuel with your money.

Furthermore, FanDuel’s cybersecurity efforts are assisted by HackerOne, which is a specialized cybersecurity firm. This firm works with FanDuel to both prevent digital intrusions and to make sure that its users’ personal information is kept safe 24/7.

Adding to that is SSL certification, which is active for both the mobile app and the desktop website. This certification (identifiable via a padlock symbol in the address bar) encrypts traffic going to and from FanDuel and your phone or computer, further preventing the risk of digital issues.

Bottom line: FanDuel is certainly trustworthy with your money.

FanDuel Fact Sheet

How old do you have to be?21
What states is it legal in?MI, PA, NJ, CO, IN, WV, TN, IL, IA, VA, AZ
Who is FanDuel’s partner in Arizona?Phoenix Suns
Launch date in ArizonaTBA

FanDuel Arizona FAQs

Is it legal to bet on sports using the FanDuel app in Arizona?

Not yet, but sports betting, overall, is technically legal. There are simply no licensed operators at this time (though they are coming shortly). FanDuel already announced a partnership in Arizona and should be one of the first apps to launch. Arizona expected to launch sports betting on September 9.

How old will I have to be to place a sports wager using FanDuel in Arizona?

21, which is also the age you’ll need to be to enjoy other gambling activities in Arizona.

Is FanDuel licensed in Arizona yet?

Not yet. But the operator does provide daily fantasy sports, and it has already partnered with the Phoenix Suns. Acquiring licensure should be quick and simple.

Will you need to be in Arizona to place a wager using the FanDuel mobile sportsbook?

Yes. The FanDuel mobile app will include geolocation software that tracks your location and prevents you from placing a wager outside state lines.

Will you be able to sign up for FanDuel from anywhere in Arizona?

Yes. You’ll also only be able to place wagers on FanDuel within Arizona state lines. But you may need to complete the registration process at the FanDuel retail sportsbook at the Footprint Center.

What kinds of sports will I be able to bet on using FanDuel?

All kinds. FanDuel offers a huge range of sporting markets, including markets for the most popular American professional sports like baseball and basketball. Football, hockey, soccer, and other sports will also be represented.

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