Arizona Coyotes Push For Sports Betting Law Change

In preparation for their move to Tempe next season, the Arizona Coyotes are pushing for a change in the state’s sports betting law so that they can continue to operate Sahara Bets, their mobile sports betting app.

After calling Glendale home for 18 years, the Coyotes will be moving and using Arizona State University’s new multipurpose arena for the next three years while the team develops a new arena in Tempe.

Arizona Coyotes Sports Betting Law Change

Arizona sports betting became legal in September 2021. However, the law states that for professional sports teams to operate retail sportsbooks and mobile sports betting, they must have venues that seat at least 10,000.

This is a problem for the Arizona Coyotes since ASU’s multipurpose arena holds only 5,000.

So, the Arizona Coyotes have proposed a bill to make a change to the existing Arizona sports betting law. Even though the Arizona Indian Gaming Association and a handful of Native American Tribes have opposed the change, the Arizona Senate’s appropriations committee approved the measure on Tuesday.

Rep. Leo Biasiucci is one of the bill’s sponsors.

“The Coyotes have proudly called Arizona home for over 25 years,” Rep. Biasiucci said. “With their Glendale lease ending, and the decision to build a new hockey arena in Tempe, I am happy to help them make the transition as easy as possible. This bill allows the Coyotes to retain their online sportsbook rights while they play temporarily at the ASU arena.

“They have committed to invest almost 40 million dollars to renovate the ASU arena and will invest billions more into our state once the permanent arena is complete. This is a win-win for Arizona and I am utterly shocked that we are having any pushback whatsoever.”

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