Casino Del Sol Offers NFL Betting Combining Props & Fantasy Football

It didn’t take long for one of Arizona’s newest retail sportsbooks to come up with something new. The sportsbook, Solsports, located at Casino Del Sol is offering players a chance to compete against other NFL game outcomes each week with a new betting product.

Visitors to the new retail sportsbook at Casino Del Sol Casino in Tucson can place bets via the Solsports app or betting kiosks inside the Solsports sports lounge. In addition to the traditional point spread and prop bets on NFL games, at Casino Del Sol, sports bettors can take part in its NFL Cross Game Matchup.

NFL Betting with a Twist at Casino Del Sol

In the NFL Cross Game Matchup, a bettor pits his or her prop bets against the outcomes of prop bets in other games. Similar to fantasy football, betters earn points via their wagers on one game while measuring it against another NFL game they also choose. In that way, the point spread and moneyline are irrelevant, and each week bettors could theoretically match their favorite player prop bets against each other with odds if they pick which props bets perform better.

“With football prop bets being the most popular among sportsbook players, I knew a wager like this would appeal to our visitors,” Director of Sportsbook for Casino Del Sol John Collins said. “While analytical players will dissect probabilities within each event, fantasy football players will use skills to try and handicap cross-game matchups.”

The new game required approval from the Arizona Department of Gaming and is available now in Arizona via the Solsports betting app. According to Collins, NFL Cross Game Matchup will result in as many as 450 games to place wagers on weekly in the NFL, when you account for all possible matchups among the teams scheduled.

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Solsports: Casino Del Sol Branded Sportsbook

The Solsports retail sportsbook at Casino Del Sol features 15 self-service betting kiosks, five betting counters, and a spacious room for lounging and watching multiple sporting events. The 4,000-square-foot Solsports also has a bar and food service within the sportsbook lounge. The area of the casino was previously known as the Paradiso Lounge.

Casino Del Sol made the decision to offer sports betting through its own brand and without a third-party operator. With assistance from the software platform Scientific Games, Casino Del Sol landed on Solsports as its brand for the retail sportsbook and associated mobile app.

Since launching sports betting a year ago, in Sept. of 2021, Arizona has reported more than $5 billion in bets accepted, with revenue exceeding $385 million. The resulting tax revenue, according to the Arizona Department of Gaming, has been $18,479,232.

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