Arizona Online Poker

Arizona online poker options are limited to sweepstakes poker sites as online poker for real money is not legal in Arizona.

The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1998 permitted the creation of casinos on tribal land. This was great news for Arizona as the state has more tribal land than any other in the United States. Poker players have eleven poker rooms to choose from in the state, though no-limit hold ’em is currently prohibited. 

Oddly, the question of online gambling in Arizona has been largely unaddressed. There are currently no regulated poker sites within the state. Although the state  legalized sports betting, which launched in September, online casinos and online poker were not addressed in the legislation. 

In addition to poker at tribal casinos, residents of Arizona also have the option to play sweepstakes poker, a legal alternative to real money poker that can yield cash prizes.

The Best Online Poker Site In Arizona 

Global Poker

By far the most popular sweepstakes poker site in Arizona is Global Poker. Global Poker, which functions on a sweepstakes model, is also available in every US state except Washington. On Global Poker, players can purchase gold coins they can use to play several variants of poker, slots, and blackjack. 

Currently, Global Poker is offering two solid promotions as part of a welcome package. New players will receive a bonus $20 gold coin package once they have verified their account. The site is also offering new players 50% off a purchase of their $40 gold coin package.

Claim this welcome offer on Global Poker.

Five Minute Guide To Sweepstakes Poker In Arizona

How Sweepstakes Poker Works In Arizona

Sweepstakes poker is basically free poker that offers players the chance to win cash prizes. First, you will need to sign up for an account, which is easy and can be done in several ways. Players can register via Facebook, Google, or with an email address to confirm their information. 

Next, you will create a Screen Name and password, confirm your email, and register your new account. You will then be ready to hit the tables! At Global Poker, you can play Texas hold ’em, Omaha, and a few other exotic poker variants. You also have your choice between ring games, sit-n-go’s, and multi-table tournaments (MTTs). 

Winning Cash Prizes

As noted earlier, Global Poker has a dual currency system. Their “freemium” model allows players to purchase Gold Coin packages (play money). When players purchase a Gold Coin package, they will be gifted a corresponding amount of Sweeps Coins. Sweeps Coins CANNOT be purchased directly. 

Unlike Gold Coins, Sweeps Coins can be used to redeem cash prizes. Also, as with Gold Coins, players can win Sweeps Coins by facing off with other players in ring games, sit-n-go’s, or multi-table tournaments. 

Once you have purchased a Gold Coin package and have received Sweeps Coins, you can switch currency type to start playing with your Sweeps Coins. All you need to do is click the “switch” button near the top of the home screen after logging in. 

Once you decide it’s time to redeem your winnings, you will need to verify your account. You can do this earlier, though it is not required until redemption. Verifying your account not only makes sure that you are who you say you are but also increases your purchase limit. This lets Global Poker know where to send your cash prizes. 

Verifying your account is much like creating an account on other online poker sites. You will need to show proof of identity with a picture of a photo ID. You will also need to show proof of address with a bank statement, driver’s license, government-issued ID, or utility bill. All of this is done in the “account” section on Global Poker. 

To redeem your Sweeps Coins, you will need to go to the “Store.” Here, you will click the “Redeem Prize” button to submit a redemption request. You will need to choose between the “Prizeout a Gift Card” and “Cash Prize Redemption” options. If you choose the gift card option, you will be redirected to a new screen where you will select your gift card. 

If you choose the cash option, you can redeem your winnings with a Skrill account or a bank account. If you choose the bank account option, you will first need to verify your bank account information by providing a picture of a bank statement. 

Accessing Sweepstakes Sites

Currently, Global Poker does not offer an app. Arizona players looking for some online poker fun will need to play on Global Poker’s website. This does not mean, however, that you cannot play on mobile. You will just need to open the site on a search engine on your smartphone. Playing Global Poker on your smartphone is very similar to playing online poker on an app, though the software is not as advanced as a site like PokerStars’s. 

Purchases On Sweepstakes Sites 

At Global Poker, purchasing is a click away, literally. You will see a “Get Coins” button on the main screen after logging in. After clicking, you will see a popup screen listing several purchase options ranging from $2 to $2,000. 

A $20 Gold Coin Purchase, for instance, will get you 100,000 Gold Coins. This purchase will also come with 20 bonus Sweeps Coins. Global Poker accepts debit and credit cards as a valid form of payment, as well as the online wallet, Skrill.  

The Difference Between Sweepstakes Poker And Legal Online Poker Sites 

Sweepstakes poker sites, like Global Poker, are legal just like more traditional sites. The difference is that legal real money poker sites like PokerStars accept direct deposits and play with US currency. 

On a site like PokerStars, a new player will sign up for an account, deposit money, and play with real money on legal and regulated servers against other players in the same jurisdiction. 

Global Poker deviates from this model in a few ways. Most importantly, the sweepstakes model does not accept cash deposits. Players on Global Poker do not sit down and play for US money. Instead, they play for Gold Coins or Sweep Coins. And since players can redeem Sweeps Coins for cash prizes, Global Poker can be seen as a real alternative. 

The biggest allure for Sweepstake poker is that it can operate in states without any legal and regulated online poker. In Arizona, poker players have no way to play for real money online. However, a sweepstakes poker site allows players to play online poker without using US currency.

This model carries an advantage over legal online poker sites. Sites like PokerStars or WSOP have limited or no ability to share player liquidity. In other words, in states with legal online poker, players can only play against opponents in their same state. On Global Poker, you can face off against people from all over the US and Canada. 

Status Of Online Gambling In Arizona

Currently, online gambling is limited in Arizona. The state has recently started allowing online Keno and has just begun to allow online sportsbooks. This change came when Governor Doug Ducey was able to negotiate a new tribal compact–a set of regulations dealing with gambling in Arizona. 

Despite the good news, real money online casino games like blackjack, poker, and slots are still not legal, though Arizona could pass a law to change this. At the moment, the state has taken the stance that gambling is illegal until refuted by new legislation. 

For those disappointed, there are still some ways to play online casino games on sites that use a sweepstakes model similar to Global Poker’s. One option is Chumba casino. Here, players can also redeem Sweeps Coins for cash prizes after winning on online slot machines. 

Important to note: all online casinos claiming to offer real money online gambling in Arizona are not legal, regulated sites. Though counterintuitive, playing on these sites is not necessarily illegal. These sites will usually be offshore sites that carry certain risks. You should be careful with any unregulated sites, especially offshore ones, as the safety of your money will not be guaranteed. 

Is It Safe to Play Sweepstakes Poker in Arizona?

Are Sweepstakes Sites Legal In Arizona?

Yes, Sweepstakes sites are legal in Arizona. Even though you can win cash prizes on Sweepstakes sites like Global Poker, you can never directly deposit money or purchase Sweeps Coins. Because of this model, Global Poker can operate in the US without running afoul of any laws. 

Can I Trust Sweepstakes Poker Sites To Pay My Winnings?

Yes. Global Poker will redeem your Sweeps Coins for cash prizes or gift cards. The site allows you to purchase Coin packages before you verify your account and bank information. As a rule of thumb, you should verify all of your information before purchasing any coin packages to make sure you do not face any problems when you try to redeem your Sweeps Coins. 

Also important to note: Global Poker can consider your account defunct if it is idle for over 90 days. So if you are going to invest your hard-earned money on coin packages, make sure you play at least somewhat regularly. 

What Are The Types Of Games Available At Sweepstakes Poker Sites? 

Sweepstakes poker sites offer many of the same gameplay options as real money poker sites. Players at Global Poker have their pick between several poker variants, as well as several modes of play. 

Poker Variants 

At Global Poker, players have the chance to play Texas hold ’em, Omaha, and Crazy Pineapple. These three variants give you the chance to showcase your poker skills and break up the monotony of playing the same game over and over. 

Texas Hold ‘Em

Texas hold ’em is by far the most popular form of poker. Each player is dealt two cards they use along with 5 community cards to make their best 5-card hand. When people think poker, they think Texas hold ’em. Games of Texas hold ’em on Global Poker are plentiful, with blinds ranging from .05/.1 to 10/20 (in Sweeps Coins). 

Pot Limit Omaha

The second most popular game at Global Poker is Pot Limit Omaha (PLO). In fact, Global Poker players will find almost as many PLO games as they will hold ’em games (with the same blind ranges). PLO follows the same basic rules as hold ’em except that players are dealt four cards instead of two. Players still need to make the best five-card hand they can (along with the 5 community cards), however, they can only use 2 of their 4 hole cards in any combination. 

Crazy Pineapple

Crazy Pineapple is the oddball game at Global Poker. It can be very fun, but it is pretty rare to find a populated game. Pineapple poker is a version of hold ’em where players receive three hole cards, use only two, and are then forced to discard one of their cards after a round of betting. 

Cash Games

As stated above, players will find a slew of PLO and hold ’em games at Global Poker, with blinds ranging from .05/.1 to 10/20 Sweeps Coins. It is not uncommon to find populated tables even at the higher blind ranges. 

Playing cash games on sweepstakes poker sites is like playing on real money sites. Players can choose between their desired game variant, blind level, and table size. Global Poker offers 6-handed and 9-handed cash games.  

Multi-table Tournaments

Perhaps Global Poker’s greatest attribute is its tournament schedule. The sweepstakes site offers daily tournaments at a range of buy-ins with guaranteed prize pools. Multi-table tournaments can be played with Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins. To see their daily tournament schedule, check out Global Poker’s live clock app.

Also worthy of note is Global Poker’s quarterly championship tournaments. Each quarterly championship is signified by a different animal. The Grizzly Games represents the first quarter series, which boasts a guaranteed prize pool of 1,100,000 Sweeps Coins.

Other Tournaments

In addition to MTTs, Global Poker offers two types of sit-n-go tournaments. A traditional sit-n-go is a single table turbo tournament, usually consisting of 6 players. The second type offered by Global Poker is called Jackpot sit’n’go.

Jackpot sit’n’go’s are 3 handed hyper-turbo tournaments that employ a buy-in multiplier that ranges between 2x and 10,000X. Once three players have registered, the game begins and a random prize multiplier is selected. These tournaments give you the chance to compete for big money without requiring a big buy-in. 

Sweepstakes Poker FAQs

Can I win real money at sweepstakes poker sites? 

Poker players on sweepstakes sites like Global Poker can win cash prizes by redeeming their Sweeps Coins. Sweeps Coins cannot be purchased directly, but they often come included as a gift in Gold Coin Packages.

How old do I have to be to use a sweepstakes poker app in Arizona?

Global Poker’s terms and services state that players must be at least 18. However, the site does stipulate that this could depend on the laws of an individual jurisdiction. So in some areas, the age may be higher than 18.

Is Global Poker available in Arizona?

Yes. Global Poker is the top sweepstakes poker site in Arizona and most of the US. In fact, Global Poker is available in all US states except Washington.

Do I have to make a purchase to play at sweepstakes poker sites?

No. You never need to make a purchase on sweepstakes sites. On Global Poker, you can always play with Gold Coins. You can also receive free Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins to play with by completing various challenges. 

Will people who like online poker like sweepstakes poker?

Absolutely. Playing sweepstakes poker is the same as playing online poker except that you are not wagering US currency. That being said, the gameplay is the same and you can still win cash prizes. 

Can you play casino games at sweepstakes poker sites in Arizona?

Yes. While Global Poker specializes in poker, it hosts casino games as well. The site offers slots, blackjack, and premium blackjack (high roller blackjack with better odds and a higher minimum bet). 

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