The Phoenix Suns 2021 Finals Odds: Could This Finally Be Their Year?

As a lifelong Phoenix Suns fan, I have had my fair share of heartbreak. But after a decade of not making the playoffs, there is a glimmer of hope that this could finally be their year back to the NBA Finals.

Phoenix Suns Playoff History

It has been a tough run for the Phoenix Suns the last 30 years. There have been moments in team history where the Phoenix Suns were favorites in the sports betting world, but they have yet to bring home a championship.

The last time the Phoenix Suns were in the NBA Finals was in 1993 when they lost in game six to Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.

The team had a chance to return to the finals during the Steve Nash era, making the playoffs almost every year from 2004-2010. But with losing records in the last few years, the Phoenix Suns have not been to the playoffs in over a decade.

The Suns came close to making the finals last year after they won all of their eight games in the 2020 NBA Bubble series, but it wasn’t quite enough to get them to the playoffs.

Luckily for Suns fans, Something has changed in the Valley of the Sun. The Phoenix Suns have landed a spot in the playoffs, and are slowly becoming favorites to make it to the finals.

The Phoenix Suns This Season

The basketball world was impressed after the Suns won all of their eight games while in the NBA Bubble, giving fans hope that 2021 could be their year.

Another glimmer of hope? The signing of Chris Paul in November of 2020. With Chris Paul joining All-Star Devin Booker, Deandre Ayton, and Mikal Bridges in the Suns’ line-up, they went on a roll this season.

They have already landed a spot in the playoffs, and with just a few games left to secure their first place spot in the West Pacific Division, they continue to beat some of the best teams in the league.

Suns Potential Playoff Match-Ups

The odds are improving for the Phoenix Suns to win it, but to continue their road to the NBA Finals, they have to get past the first round, which could be tough. It looks like the Suns will most likely be playing either the Golden State Warriors or the reigning champions, the Los Angeles Lakers.

Current Playoff Odds

At the beginning of the season, the Phoenix Suns were 38-1 to win the Finals. Now, they are 11-1.

DraftKings had them sitting at +650 to win the 2021 Western Conference at the end of last season.

As for the Finals, According to William Hill, the Phoenix Suns are now at +1500 to win it all, with the Los Angeles Lakers at the top at +260.

The Lakers beating the Suns recently and the upcoming return of LeBron James doesn’t help the Suns’ chances. It will most likely all come down to the first round to see which Western Conference team will advance.

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