Fubo Arizona Bonus Code & Sportsbook Review September 2022

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Bettors with fuboTV accounts can glean unique benefits from the Fubo Sportsbook. fuboTV subscribers can sync their Fubo Sportsbook accounts with their TV feeds, making Fubo Sportsbook a great interactive sports betting app. fuboTV reported closing 2021 with more than 1.1 million subscribers and expects to drive over $1 billion in total revenue for 2022. If Fubo Sportsbook continues to improve, this could be a sports betting app on the rise.

Fubo Sportsbook is seeing growth in Arizona. After posting less than $500,000 in wagers in January 2022, those numbers almost doubled for both February and March.

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Fubo Arizona Promo Code September 2022

Fubo Arizona Promo CodeSHARPBET
Welcome Bonus$1,000 Risk-Free Bet + 1 Month Free fuboTV
What States Allow Fubo SportsbookAZ & IA
Fubo Arizona Land-Based PartnerAk-Chin Indian Community
Promo Code Verified ForSeptember 2022

How To Register For A Fubo Sportsbook Account

Registering for a Fubo Sportsbook account is easy. If bettors already have FuboTV accounts, then they can log in with those same credentials and fill the sports betting information in next. However, bettors can register for the sportsbook alone, too. 

Fubo Sportsbook asks for the same personal information that other sportsbooks do. Bettors will create a login on step one and enter promo code SHARPBET. Then, they’ll enter personal details and check off some acknowledgments on steps two and three. Finally, bettors will enter their nine-digit Social Security Numbers on the final step. If you missed the first opportunity to enter our Fubo Sportsbook promo code SHARPBET, there’s another box for bettors to enter the promo code on step four. 


Fubo Sportsbook is currently offering new Arizona users a $1,000 risk-free first bet along with a free month of fuboTV access by using promo code SHARPBET.

The $1,000 risk-free first bet is pretty standard across the industry, with other AZ sportsbooks like FanDuel offering the same new user promo. Fubo Sportsbook’s key differentiator is their direct access to its sports streaming service.

fuboTV launched on January 1, 2015, as a soccer streaming service. Since then, fuboTV has expanded into nearly any sport you could want as well as offering entertainment and news channels.

Here is some of the fine print to know with the $1,000 risk-free first bet:

  • Wagers must have odds of -200 or greater
    • Betting on the Suns at -300, for example, would not count as a qualifying wager
  • The promo only applies to the first bet placed using your Fubo Sportsbook account
  • Only bets that result in a loss will receive the risk-free credit
  • The bet credit must be used within 30 days. Any bet not used in 30 days will be forefeited

Ongoing Fubo Sportsbook Promotions

An area where Fubo completely fails is with ongoing promos for existing customers. As of this writing, not only are there no ongoing promotions, but the app doesn’t have a “promo” tab at all. Nearly every other AZ sportsbook has a specifically-marked tab for promos and is generally prominently featured. Fubo Sportsbook, however, does not. The platform’s streaming service obviously sets it apart, but if they want to attract more customers, especially those without fuboTV accounts, they could do a much better job with promotions and bonuses.


Fubo Sportsbook is part of a competitive tier of sportsbooks. It has competitive odds that stand up against industry giants like DraftKings and FanDuel. Since odds are always changing, bettors should have multiple sportsbook accounts at competitive sportsbook brands. Here’s how bettors can get the most out of their odds at Fubo Sportsbook.

How Do Point Spreads And Over/Unders Work?

Differences of half-points and sometimes even full points can be found with point spreads and over/unders across sportsbooks. A half-point may not sound like much, but such differences are critical to long-term sports betting success. 

For example, bettors shouldn’t be betting an underdog at +3 when +3.5 is available at a different book. Likewise, they shouldn’t bet a favorite at -3.5 when you may be able to find -3. 

The same concept applies to bets on point totals. ‘Over’ bettors should look for the smallest number and ‘under’ bettors the largest. 

The standard odds for point spread and over/under bets are -110 on each side. This means a winning $110 bet results in a $100 profit. If you lose, then the book collects $110. But if you win, you are paid $100. For various reasons, a book may change that “vig” to -105, -115, or even -100 or -120. Bettors should keep this pricing in mind as they shop the lines. 

Here’s that analysis in action:

 Fubo SportsbookFanDuel
Las Vegas Aces-7.5 -125-8.5 -115
Los Angeles Sparks+7.5 +105+8.5 -105

On this line, Fubo Sportsbook has better odds on the Sparks than FanDuel. However, FanDuel has the better spread. So, bettors would place their bets at FanDuel, because they’d have better chances of winning with an 8.5-point spread.

Does Fubo Sportsbook Have Competitive Moneyline Odds? 

A moneyline – odds on which team will win a game, regardless of the margin of victory – also vary across sportsbooks. While moneylines are available for most sports, they are the most popular way to bet on baseball. So MLB lines provide some of the best examples of moneyline shopping. Here’s that analysis in action: 

 Fubo Sportsbook DraftKings
Oakland Athletics+235+235
New York Yankees-275-280

On this line, Fubo Sportsbook and DraftKings have the same odds on the Athletics. However, Fubo Sportsbook has better odds on the Yankees. So, Fubo Sportsbook is the better book to place a moneyline bet on this specific line.

Odds shopping is worth the time. Finding the best prices goes a long way toward long-term gambling success. This is why it is recommended to have accounts with multiple sportsbooks.

How To Shop For The Best Futures Odds 

Futures odds can vary widely across sportsbooks. Each sportsbook makes a tradeoff between offering competitive odds for bettors and expected profit for the book. That expected profit is called theoretical hold, which is the amount of money a sportsbook expects to make from a particular betting market. A lower theoretical hold means more of the handle (the amount of money bet) will be returned to winning customers.

But futures odds on specific teams can still be better at a sportsbook with a higher theoretical hold. For example, one book could have a theoretical hold of 20% but offers 10-to-1 odds on the team you want to bet on. Another book could have a theoretical hold of 15% and offer the team you wish to bet at 8-to-1 odds. So, you should make your wager at the book with the better odds for your bet, no matter what the theoretical hold is. 

Here’s an example:

 Fubo SportsbookBetMGM
NFL Futures Theoretical Hold 22.81%22.27%
Kansas City Chiefs Odds+950+900

Fubo Sportsbook and BetMGM have about the same theoretical hold. So overall, their odds should be similar. But Fubo Sportsbook has better odds on certain teams, like the Chiefs.

That’s why it’s so important to open accounts with multiple sportsbooks. The best odds can come from any competitive book.


The betting markets available at Fubo Sportsbook are less extensive than other major sportsbook brands. However, that should be expected given Fubo Sportsbook’s business model. Its sportsbook is designed to engage its TV subscribers because of its live streaming option. For casual bettors, Fubo Sportsbook offers all of the major US sports as well as some select international sports and sport leagues.

Overall, bettors who primarily enjoy mainstream sports will be satisfied with Fubo Sportsbook’s betting markets. However, bettors who want lines on Gaelic sports or darts will have to look elsewhere. If it’s not a major televised sport, it’s probably not a sport that Fubo Sportsbook is pressured by its TV subscribers to offer.  


Fubo Sportsbook has a small selection of deposit and withdrawal methods compared to major sportsbook operators. For example, while Fubo Sportsbook offers an online wallet to deposit with, it offers Sightline instead of PayPal. Sightline is uncommon among sportsbooks in the United States, so bettors who rely on online wallets may bet elsewhere. However, Fubo Sportsbook also offers some standard deposit options, including:  

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • ACH Transfer
  • Wire Transfer
  • Sightine
  • Paysafe Cash Deposit 

These offer several reliable ways to deposit. However, bettors who rely on PayPal will likely have to look elsewhere. 

Fubo Sportsbook also has a small list of withdrawal options: 

  • ACH Transfer
  • Sightline
  • Physical Check

Bettors should use the same deposit and withdrawal methods to expedite withdrawal approval processes. However, some withdrawal methods, like Sightline and ACH transfers, require bettors to deposit with those methods before being able to withdraw with them. So, using the same deposit and withdrawal method is more than a convenience. It’s also an essential condition for bettors with certain withdrawal preferences.


Fubo Sportsbook has the basics of a strong sportsbook in place. It has a tab for live betting lines, so bettors can quickly access bets that will settle soon. Fubo Sportsbook’s On TV option is clearly marked, so FuboTV subscribers can sync their TVs and sportsbooks. Finally, the bet slip, A-Z sports list, and account sections are a click away from icons at the bottom of the screen. 

The home screen opens with the live games featured first, which makes sense given its play as a sports streaming service. This could make it slightly more difficult for casual bettors to find the market they want, however, as most other sportsbooks feature the most popular games and markets on their home screens.

Fubo Sportsbook’s mobile offerings are incomplete as there is not an app available for Android devices. Arizona bettors with Android phones who want to use Fubo Sportsbook would have to access it via the sportsbook’s website.


Fubo Sportsbook seems to be a second priority to Fubo’s core fuboTV product. While they are uniquely positioned to offer a service no other Arizona sportsbook can, the company doesn’t (currently) seem to care if Fubo Sportsbook garners much market share or interest from AZ bettors. The lack of promotions, lack of an Android app, limited market depth and variety, and limited deposit and withdrawal methods are all glaring weaknesses in a very competitive Arizona sports betting market.    

Fubo Sportsbook must decide whether it’s going to be a competitive sportsbook in its own right or whether it will play second fiddle to the fuboTV product.  

Is Fubo Sportsbook Legit? 

Yes. Fubo Sportsbook is a legitimate company. It’s not some illegal betting site for sports bettors to avoid. Here are five reasons that bettors can trust that Fubo Sportsbook is a legitiamte company. 

Iowa License

Fubo Sportsbook is already live in Iowa. So, concerned bettors can not only look Fubo Sportsbook’s Iowa license up. Bettors can also read up on news stories about Fubo Sportsbook to see how it’s doing. When bettors notice the lack of scandals and scams, they should feel reassured that Fubo Sportsbook is a cut above illegal betting sites. 

Arizona Market Access

Arizona has launched online sports betting, but not all of its sportsbooks have gone live yet. Fubo Sportsbook is still preparing to launch, but bettors can find its sports betting license on Arizona’s Department of Gaming


The company that Fubo Sportsbook keeps says a lot about Fubo Sportsbook’s commitment to reponsbile buisness practices. For example, Fubo Sportsbook gained market access in Arizona through its partnership with the Ak-Chin Indian Community. It’s a major partnership that puts the tribe’s reputation on the line as much as Fubo Sportsbook’s. The backing of other major organzations, like the NBA, should also reassure bettors.   

Legal Markets

Fubo Sportsbook is only operating in legal sports betting markets, like Iowa. However, it’s also waiting to launch until it has gained market access like it has in Arizona. Fubo Sportsbook isn’t operating outside of its legal limits. So, bettors should rest assured that

Fubo Sportsbook is behaving like a legitimate company. 

Terms And Conditions  

Fubo Sportsbook’s terms and conditions outline the promises it intends to keep with bettors. That includes important information on promised payouts and other critical sports betting functions. Bettors don’t have to read the terms and conditions to appreciate the safety net it offers them. 

Why Choose Fubo Sportsbook Over Illegal Betting Sites?   

Fubo Sportsbook honors important contract terms like paying out winnings when they’re owed. It also ensures that winnings correspond with the odds that bettors locked into when they placed their bets. These are basic terms that bettors expect their sportsbooks to adhere to. Licensed sportsbooks, like Fubo Sportsbook, honor these basic terms and make sports betting safe for a wide swath of bettors. 

However, illegal sportsbooks have no oversight. Illegal sportsbooks aren’t bound by terms and conditions, especially if bettors turn out to be big winners. If an illegal sportsbook doesn’t like the amount of money it has to pay out, then it can refuse to pay bettors their winnings. Bettors have no legal recourse for collecting their winnings or lost stakes, either. No legitimate lawyer will help a US citizen recover illegal gambling winnings. 

However, when illegal sportsbooks aren’t outright malicious, they can simply be poorly run. Sportsbook margins are low, so books must ensure they’re profitable in the long run. That means that sportsbooks must prepare for bad weeks when bettors win and bookies lose. If a poorly run sportsbook fails to prepare, it can close down. That closing will ensure that bettors that used that sportsbook won’t get paid. There’s no standard way to handle withdrawing unused funds from a derelict sportsbook. So, bettors are safer using licensed sportsbooks where safeguards are in place to prevent these nightmare scenarios. 

Illegal betting sites don’t have the oversight that makes licensed sportsbooks safe. So, bettors should stick with legal, licensed sportsbooks, including Fubo Sportsbook in markets where it’s offered.

Why You Can Trust Fubo Sportsbook With Your Money

The same oversight that regulators employ to keep sportsbooks honest keeps bettors’ money safe, too. Before launching in a new market, Fubo Sportsbook must undergo an independant audit. Auditors check sportsbooks’ hardware and software to ensure that it’s both safe and functional. Once auditors complete their checks, they write reports that include their findings and recommendations. That report goes to both the sportsbook and the state gaming regulator. Sportsbooks often have a matter of months to implement those changes or risk losing their licenses. 

However, the people who run Fubo Sportsbook are vetted during the license application process, too. Regulators require background checks for sportsbook executives to keep money launderers out of the legal sports betting industry. This helps prevent bettors from having money stolen out of their accounts. It also ensures that bettors don’t unwittingly fund criminal enterprises, like money laundering or drug trafficking. 

Fubo Sportsbook is subject to critical controls that make it safe for bettors and their money. Although Fubo Sportsbook has some flaws, its a trustworthy business for bettors with gambling money to spend.   

Fubo Sportsbook Arizona Fact Sheet

Legal Betting Age21
Legal States of OperationArizona & Iowa
Fubo Sportsbook’s Arizona PartnerAk-Chin Indian Community

Fubo Sportsbook Arizona FAQ

Is Fubo Sportsbook Licensed In Arizona? 

Yes. Fubo Sportsbook is available in Arizona and licensed by the Arizona Department of Gaming through its partnership with the Ak-Chin Indian Community.

Does Fubo Sportsbook Have Live Betting Markets? 

Yes. Live betting is a staple of any sportsbook. However, it’s especially important for Fubo Sportsbook. Fubo Sportsbook offers an option that allows bettors to sync their FuboTV with their Fubo Sportsbook accounts. This allows bettors to jump into live betting with the game they’re watching. 

How Many Sports And Leagues Are Available At Fubo Sportsbook? 

There are about 10 sports to bet on at Fubo Sportsbook each with a varying number of leagues. For example, MLB is the only league available in baseball. Soccer, however, includes a list of leagues that goes on for pages. 

Do Bettors Have To Be In Arizona To Bet At Fubo Sportsbook? 

Yes. If you are placing bets with Fubo Sportsbook you must be within Arizona state lines or your wager won’t go through.

Can I Sign Up For Fubo Sportsbook From Anywhere In Arizona? 

Yes. Bettors can create Arizona accounts on Fubo Sportsbook from anywhere in-state. Bettors can create and manage their accounts from outside Arizona, too. 

How Do Arizona Bettors Collect Winnings From Fubo Sportsbook?

Bettors can initiate sportsbook withdrawals through the cashier sections of their accounts. However, bettors are advised to use the same deposit and withdrawal methods. Some withdrawal methods require it, and it’ll faciliate the withdrawal approval process. Bettors should be prepraed to wait several business days for their funds depending on the withdrawal method they choose.  

Does Fubo Sportsbook offer a new user promo?

Yes. New users can claim a $1,000 risk-free first bet AND one free month of fuboTV by using promo code SHARPBET.

Where is Fubo Sportsbook available?

Fubo Sportsbook is currently available in AZ & IA.

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