How To Bet on the Waste Management Phoenix Open

OK Arizona bettors, welcome to the Waste Management Betting Guide, Lesson 1.

Because you guys are new to the legalized sports betting world, we’re going to give you a few pointers that might make your betting experiences a little more fun…and more profitable.

There’s just nothing like the relaxing feeling of being outdoors at a professional golf tournament. The calm, tranquil surroundings and fans oohing and aahing at spectacular shots.

Well, except when it comes to the Phoenix and Scottsdale area in Arizona when the PGA Tour comes to town for the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

Then, pardon the expression, all bets are off.

But nowadays, all bets are on as sports betting is live in Arizona. It is expected to hit full stride about the time the Waste Management Phoenix Open comes.

But we’re going to concentrate on the Waste Management Phoenix Open. The upcoming tournament will be held at TPC Scottsdale the week of Feb. 9-12, 2022. And during tournament week (except for during the COVID pandemic) the golf course becomes its own small city. And with DraftKings opening a retail sportsbook at TPC Scottsdale, we can expect the tournament to be crazier than ever. However, the retail sportsbook isn’t scheduled to open until 2024.

Don’t believe us? Well, in 2018 a little more than 720,000 fans came through the gates over the four days (including almost 220,000 fans on Saturday alone) to watch golf action and to party…and party…and party.

Odds to Win WM Phoenix Open


Waste Management Open 2023

But wait, there’s more. Arizona has also played host to Super Bowls (three of them) and it just so happens the Waste Management tournament dates usually coincide with the Super Bowl. In fact, most years the final putt drops just a couple of hours before kickoff.

Better get your helicopter fueled up if you’re going to get from the 18th green at TPC Scottsdale to your box seat in Glendale before that opening kickoff.

But for those of us on smaller budgets, it’s a wild ride that encompasses two events that hit close to home…at least for Arizona fans.

The two huge events this year will be a little different, but will still provide plenty of options for bettors. The Super Bowl will be played on Sunday, Feb. 13, 2022, the day after the golf tournament concludes. It will be played in Los Angeles, so the double dip does seem a little more plausible.

It will be a week–plus one day–that bettors won’t soon forget.

And, yes, that now includes bettors in Arizona.

Arizona Sports Betting 

The Super Bowl has been played in Arizona three times–1996, 2008 and 2015. And it’s coming back in 2023.

That’s the good news. The better news–or maybe we should say bettor news–is Arizona fans can now bet legally in the state.

In prior years, bettors had to find alternate sites to place wagers before watching the big game.

Not anymore with sports betting now legal.

While sports betting does add to the excitement of watching sports, it can be a tricky world–especially in the golf world. Before you head out to your favorite casino’s sportsbook with cash in hand, here is a little information to help guide you.

Much of it is common sense and many know it by heart. But it never hurts to inform those newcomers about some of the nuances of sports betting.

Betting The Waste Management Phoenix Open

For many, this may be just any other tournament. It’s not a major. But, don’t tell that to the Arizona fans who treat this like, well, the Super Bowl.

And that makes what we’re about to say that much more important: Look to bet on players who have handled pressure the best. And that’s because they will come under intense pressure from the start with the fans flocking everywhere.

But the main focal point has always been the par-3, 16th hole.

Players have said they start thinking about the 16th hole even before reaching the first tee of a round. Why? Well, that hole is party central.

Fans arrive on scene before sunup and stampede to this area and camp out for the day. They will cheer great shots, but bad shots are met with a chorus of boos. Later in the day, after a few…or many libations…those cheers and jeers can reach concert-level loudness.

It’s an atmosphere that has to be seen to be believed.

Need proof? Google Tiger Woods’ hole-in-one at the tournament in 2011 for a prime example.

Waste Management Open Odds: Too Early To Pick Favorites

With the 2022 event still months away, it’s too early to look at possible winners as the field hasn’t yet been set. But it’s never too early to go back and check out previous results and see who has an edge.

Answers to questions like: Is there a player, or players, who have been in the top 10 consistently in the past few years? Are there players who usually miss the cut. Answers to those questions can give bettors an edge when it comes to narrowing down players to back and players to stay away from.

Also, consistency coming into the event is also a key. If a player’s on a hot streak, there’s a good chance good play will follow them to the Valley of the Sun.

Remember, it’s never too early to start your homework.

The Best Sportsbooks For Betting The Waste Management

This is where players need to be careful. Sportsbooks set their own odds and the numbers will vary. Player ‘A’ may be +1000 at one site and +1200 at another site.

Also, if you’re looking to join a sportsbook, like FanDuel or BetMGM, many of them offer a bonus to sign up. Be sure to read the fine print but there can be some attractive offers to add to your bankroll.

Waste Management Live Betting

Like other major sports, many sportsbook apps offer live betting. But, this can be tricky. If a player has a big lead, bettors will be looking at a huge minus when it comes to picking a winner as the tournament comes to a close.

On the other hand, it can benefit a player if his tournament choices didn’t make the cut or are far down the leaderboard. It’s a chance to look at the leaderboard and see which player or players may be getting hot and have a chance to overtake the leaders.

Remember, the later in the round you’re looking to bet, the wider the discrepancy there will be in money. If a player has a four-shot lead with just nine holes left, expect to pay a hefty premium to back that player. But, if you’ve got a player charging up the leaderboard and feel like he’s still got a chance to win, you’ll get a good return on your money if he rallies to win.

PGA Betting Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to bet on golf in the United States?

Absolutely, but it does depend on which state you’re in. Michigan, Virginia, Nevada, Colorado, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New Hampshire are all in play. More and more states are also signing on to sports gaming.

And now you can add Arizona to that list.

Who sets golf betting odds?

Sportsbooks have personnel who crunch the numbers…including the players, the golf courses, etc., and come out with the opening number. Make sure to check with your favorite sportsbook early and often as lines are adjusted often…especially as the tournament gets nearer.

Where can I find Waste Management odds?

Your favorite sportsbook will have the odds on its site as the tournament gets nearer. And there are many choices: Check out FanDuel, BetMGM, Barstool Sports, WynnBET, Caesars, and DraftKings just to name a few. Also, casinos with sportsbooks on-site will also post odds.

As you can see, Arizona didn’t just dip its toe into the betting pool. It jumped into the deep end.
Come on in, the water’s fine.

Where can I find Waste Management predictions and picks?

We thought you’d never ask. You can find them right here on Arizona Casinos along with every PGA Tour event during the season. We will have previews and picks as the event gets closer.

When is the 2022 Waste Management tournament?

The 2022 Waste Management Phoenix Open will be held Feb. 9-12, 2022, at TPC Scottsdale.

What kind of betting action is there for the golf tournament?

The variety of betting is impressive. From players to win the tournament to head-to-head matchups to group betting (picking one player out of a group of three or four players to win), there’s something there for everyone. Add in prop bets (will there be a hole-in-one, will there be a playoff, etc.) and the choices are endless.

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