Best Super Bowl 57 Odds in Arizona

For the first time in history, the Super Bowl is being played in a state with legal sports betting. Arizona is not only the most beautiful place for the Super Bowl, but it’s also the most BETiful. This Sunday, an expected audience of more than 90 million will tune in to watch the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles.

Arizona sportsbooks have the spread at 1 1/2 points, which means there’s almost even money on the two teams. That means you have a chance to pick the winning team for Super Bowl 57, and use Arizona sportsbooks to get the best Super bowl 57 odds in Arizona.

Best Super Bowl 57 Odds in Arizona


Super Bowl 57 is one of only three in the last 20 years to have a spread of fewer than two points. Oddsmakers see the teams evenly matched as they enter the biggest game of the year.

That’s why player and game props—or even parlays—might be a great option for football bettors. One of the most popular prop bets is picking the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player award winner.

Super Bowl MVP Odds Favorites

The discussion about Super Bowl MVP begins with the quarterback position. So far, 31 times, a QB has been named MVP of the Super Bowl in 56 games.

Odds by DraftKings:

  • Patrick Mahomes: +120
  • Jalen Hurts: +135
  • Travis Kelce: +1200
  • A.J. Brown: +1600

Twice in Super Bowl history, a player with a “crayon” last name has won MVP: Randy White (SB 12, Cowboys) and Larry Brown (SB 30, Cowboys).

Reddick has the best odds of becoming the 11th defensive player to win the Super Bowl MVP. The last player to do it was, like Reddick, a linebacker: Von Miller for Denver in Super Bowl 50.

Oddball Game Props

*Odds as of Monday, Feb. 6.

Opening Kickoff Returned for Touchdown, +10000 FanDuel

Think there will be fireworks at the top of the game? Then you may want to wager on a kickoff return for a touchdown to start the game. That’s happened only once, in Super Bowl 41 when Devin Hester of the Bears did it against the Colts.

Any QB to Have a Reception, +1200 DraftKings

Think Hurts or Mahomes will be on the other end of a pass? Stick your wallet out and get +1200 odds from DraftKings. A winning $100 wager would get you $1,200.

Correct Final Score Bet

Many sports fans love to get into a football square pool. In those pools, you’re typically awarded a square blindly, which means you don’t know what numbers you’ll have.

But you can wager on the exact final score of the Super Bowl, and if you’re correct, your payoff is assured of being hefty.

BetMGM Arizona is offering Correct Score (including OT) odds. You must pick the winning team to win these bets.

Here are the five most common final scores of NFL games and what you’d win from BetMGM if you wagered $100 and won:

  • 17-14: +12500 Chiefs win; +15000 Eagles win
  • 20-17: +6600 Chiefs or Eagles win
  • 27-24: +5000 Chiefs or Eagles win
  • 24-17: +10000 Chiefs or Eagles win
  • 13-10: +20000 Chiefs or Eagles win

Football Squares: Scoreless Quarter

Over at DraftKings AZ, you can get football squares bets for any quarter or the full game. We like this bet for a nice +300 payoff:

  • Any Quarter 0-0: +300 odds from DraftKings

That means if we have a scoreless quarter (not OT), a winning $100 bet would get you $300 plus your original stake.

Will there be a Successful 2-Point Conversion?

FanDuel Arizona lists the odds as YES +225 and NO -290. In the last six Super Bowls, there has been at least one 2-point attempt, and half the time, it has been successful.

One Player to Record an Octopus

An octopus is when the same player scores the touchdown and two-point conversion on the same drive/ eight points, get it?

If you bet on that happening with FanDuel AZ, you’ll get +1300 odds (a $100 winning bet wins $1,300).

Has there ever been a punt returned for a touchdown in the Super Bowl?

No punt has ever been returned for a touchdown in the history of the Super Bowl. It’s so unusual, and perhaps the odds are tilting so far in favor of it happening eventually, that neither FanDuel nor DraftKings are offering odds on that event*. Those sportsbooks have the most special game and player props available, but they aren’t touching the Punt Return for a TD market, at least not as we write this Super Bowl betting preview.

*You can get these odds from the DraftKings Arizona sports betting app:

  • Any Player to Return a Punt OR a Kickoff for a Touchdown: +1400

There have been 10 TD’s scored on a kickoff return in the Super Bowl, about one every five games.


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