Arizona Sports Betting Rules and Regulations Draft In Place

Arizona sports betting launches on September 9, but up until now, there were still some rules and regulations that we were unsure about. 

We know partnerships have already been forming between sportsbooks and local casinos and sports franchises. Such as the partnership between Caesar’s and the Arizona Diamondbacks and FanDuel with the Phoenix Suns. And we also know that sports betting in Arizona would be allowed for sports bettors 21 and older at approved retail sportsbooks and through sportsbook apps. 

Now we finally have an official rules and regulations draft, open for the public to comment on. 

The Rules And Regulations Draft for Sports Betting in Arizona

On June 15, The Arizona Department of Gaming announced an official rules and regulations draft for Arizona sports betting. Even though the release of the draft was delayed, ADG still expects September 9 as the official launch date.

Governor Doug Ducey signed the sports betting bill on April 15, giving 60- days for the ADG to draft rules for sports betting, including fantasy sports.

Now that the draft is in place, the public has the chance to make comments on the rules and regulations.

The public comment period ends on June 21 at midnight. Keep in mind that this draft will most likely change before the launch date after the ADG reviews public comment.

Virtual meetings for stakeholders and the public will also be held. This will help provide a forum to open discussion about the rules and regulations.

According to the ADG website, the sessions will take place on Friday, June 18, and Monday, June 21.

Friday, June 18:

9:00am – 12:00pm Session 1: Event Wagering (Google meeting link)

1:00pm – 4:00pm Session 2: Fantasy Sports (Google meeting link)

Monday, June 21:

9:00am – 12:00pm Session 3: Fantasy Sports (Google meeting link)

1:00pm – 4:00pm Session 4: Event Wagering (Google meeting link)

What Is In The Arizona Sports Betting Rules Draft?

The draft is full of pretty basic sports betting rules and regulations, including requirements for sportsbooks to obtain a license.

Applying for a sportsbook license in Arizona isn’t going to be a walk in the park and will take time. ADG must receive notice at least 90 days before sportsbooks open its door. ADG will respond within 30 days. When it comes to launching sportsbook apps, the ADG must be notified within ten days before the launch.

 We have highlighted some other main points in the draft:

  • Arizona will be allowing sports betting advertising, as long as the advertisement is not directed to those under the age of 21-years-old.
  • Sportsbooks will be allowed to offer bonuses and promotions through its apps and retail sportsbooks as long as they report the details to the ADG.
  • The ADG has also approved sportsbooks to host wagering tournaments in the state.
  • Sports bettors must make payments for wagers through cash, electronic funds transfer, debit cards, personal checks, winnings, or with promotional or bonus credit.
  • Sportsbooks must honor winning tickets for at least one year after the event. If winnings are redeemed by mail, payments must be made within five days.

Arizona Sports Betting Timeline

Once the public comment period ends on June 21, the ADG will start the amendment process. The date for this to be completed is to be determined.

Once the amendments have been made, ADG will need to send the rules and regulations draft for final approval to the Arizona Secretary of State. When the draft is officially approved, the state will start preparing for the launch date of sports betting in Arizona, scheduled for September 9.

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