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Bally Bet has partnered with the WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury to launch its sports betting app in Arizona. The partnership also includes Bally Bet opening a retail sportsbook in downtown Phoenix near The Footprint Center, home of the Phoenix Mercury.

The Bally Bet Sportsbook app is starting to expand as they are currently live in five states with New York launching shortly. While we don’t have an exclusive promotion to offer Bally Bet Arizona customers, you can claim a new user bonus directly from Bally Bet. The current offer is a first-bet match worth up to $250.

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Bally Bet Arizona Sportsbook Promo Code June 2022

The current Bally Bet Arizona welcome offer is a first-bet match worth up to $250. This means Bally Bet will match the first real money wager you place dollar for dollar, topping out at $250. The best part about this offer is you’ll receive the bonus whether your first bet wins or loses. Click here to claim your new user bonus.

Terms & Conditions apply.

Bally Bet Arizona Promo Code Click To Claim
First Bet MatchUp to $250
What States Allow Bally Bet AZ, CO, IA, IN, VA
Bally Bet Land-Based PartnerPhoenix Mercury
Promo Code Verified ForJune 2022

Bally Bet offers new users a first bet match worth up to $250. Regardless of the outcome of your first wager, Bally Bet will match it all the way to $250. Here are a few additional details to note about the Bally Bet welcome offer:

  • You must use your bet credit within seven days of receiving it, otherwise, it will void.
  • You cannot use your wager on an event with odds exceeding +300. Odds of -110 would qualify where +450 would not.
  • If you win the wager from your free bet credit, only the winnings from the wager will be deposited to your account.
    • For example, let’s say you place a $100 bet on a wager with +100 odds. The total payout would be $200 – $100 from your bet and $100 in winnings.
    • With the Bally Bet AZ promo, you would only receive $100 from your winnings.

Ongoing Bally Bet Promos

This is an area where Bally Bet could do a much better job. Not only did Bally Bet get a late start in Arizona, but it’s also a relatively new name to the sports betting industry in general. If Bally Bet wants to get a meaningful market share, especially in Arizona, expanding its promo offers would be a good place to start.

Current Ongoing Bally Bet Promos:

  • Free Bet Progressions
  • Loyalty Program

Being associated with one of the largest casino operators in the world allows Bally Bet to offer competitive odds to their customers. Odds on most spread bets are offered at the standard -110. Even though Bally Bet will often have competitive odds, it helps to shop around for the best price on a given line. You can often find advantageous odds if you check multiple sportsbooks for bets on the same game. 

Bally Bet Point Spread And Totals Odds

When you’re betting the point spread, a tiny difference can make a big impact. For example, a spread of +4 gives you a better chance at a win than +3.5. But if the odds are worse paying on the +4 bet, you might consider taking the worse line in the hopes of a better payout. Totals work in a similar fashion. Let’s look at Bally Bet’s odds for an NBA game and compare them to the same game’s odds at a major competitor: DraftKings.

Odds ComparisonBally Bet Point SpreadDraftKings Point SpreadBally Bet TotalsDraftKings Totals
Golden State Warriors+3.5 (-105)+4 (-110)Over 210 (-105)Over 210.5 (-110)
Boston Celtics-3.5 (-115)-4 (-110)Under 210 (-115)Under 210.5 (-110)

This presents a potential bettor with lots of decisions. Bally has a better point spread for the Celtics but worse odds. DraftKings’ point spread makes a bet on the Warriors more advantageous but the odds are slightly worse than what Bally Bet would give you. As for the totals lines, Bally Bet is the clear choice for the over with a lower line and better odds. Draftkings is the clear-cut choice for Under bettors with a higher line and a better possible payout.

These odds differences are common enough to make odds shopping well worth your while as a bettor.

Bally Bet Moneyline Odds

Let’s use baseball odds for a look at Bally Bet’s moneylines. Baseball usually has close-to-even odds because it’s a low-scoring game. This time we’ll compare Bally Bet to FanDuel.

Odds ComparisonBally BetFanDuel
Chicago White Sox-200-194
Detroit Tigers+170+162

There’s a clear choice on either side of this bet. FanDuel gives better odds on the White Sox while Bally Bet gives better odds on the Detroit Tigers. Moneylines will often have small differences like these that make a big impact over the long term. Keep an eye out for disparities that give you an advantage as a better.

Once again, comparing odds can only help you in the long run, and hopefully help you make some money.

Bally Bet Futures

When you’re betting on a futures market, you always want to find the best possible payout. There aren’t the same micro-differences like you’d find on point spreads or totals. You simply want to maximize your potential payout. Let’s look at Bally Bet and FanDuel’s 2022 World Series futures for comparison. Keep in mind these are only the top few teams on the odds boards, and that you’re welcome to bet on bigger longshots. We just won’t list them here to keep things streamlined.

Odds ComparisonBally BetFanDuel
LA Dodgers+400+350
NY Yankees+500+500
HOU Astros+800+700
NY Mets+900+750
TOR Blue Jays+900+1000

That’s an interesting spread. Bally Bet provides the best odds for the favorite team: the LA Dodgers. It also has better payouts for a bet on the Astros or Mets. Meanwhile, FanDuel has the best payout on the Blue Jays and ties Bally Bet with its Yankees line. If you’re betting on any of the teams listed, go with the single sportsbook that gives you the best odds.

One last time, we see the clear benefit of comparing odds from multiple sportsbooks to find your ideal wager.




Bally Bet is relatively new to the online sports betting world and as such their offerings are focused on the same types of games that bettors look for in a Las Vegas sportsbook. That means you will find all of your favorite teams from the major US sports leagues. MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL are prominently featured on their main page.

They do offer some additional variety with offerings such as PGA, tennis, NASCAR, and MMA. However, you won’t find some of the more exotic international offerings that are on some other online sportsbooks like cricket, darts or handball.

Bally Bet also offers props and other bets such as alternative lines but not nearly as many as some of its competitors. We would expect the depth of offering to increase as Bally Bet refines its platform even further.


Based on the information available in Iowa and Colorado, it appears that deposit options will likely be limited to online banking and Play+. Play+ is a prepaid card that users can fund and then use to make deposits to their account. This can be a big help if your particular bank does not allow casino transactions. PayPal does not appear to be an option yet.


Bally Bet’s app is clean but a bit simplistic. On one hand, they do not overload you with graphics or try to fit too much on the screen at any one time. On the other hand, the font is relatively small and can be difficult to read on a mobile device. Navigation is fairly intuitive with the most popular games easily accessible from the home page and access to all available games through the menu bar.

Its app is available in the iOS app store for direct download. It also offers an Android app through the Google Play Store. It is worth noting, however, that currently only the Android app is available for Arizona bettors. This immediately alienates a huge swath of sports bettors in the state.

Whether you use iOS or Android make sure that you allow the app to utilize location services. This is necessary for the app to geolocate your location since you will need to be physically located in Arizona in order to place real money wagers.


Bally Bet is relatively new to the US online sports betting market and not quite as refined as some of its competitors. That being said, despite its relative youth Bally Bet already has a lot of great features in place and is definitely worth checking out. Its $550 risk-free welcome bonus is another good reason to give it a try.

Is Bally Bet Available In Arizona?

History is being made in Arizona this year as legal online sports betting has arrived in The Grand Canyon State. Arizona residents no longer need to cross the border into Nevada to legally bet on their favorite teams.

Arizona is unlike other states with online sports betting in that licenses were awarded through partnerships with professional sports teams as well as tribal casinos. Perhaps the most surprising partnership announced to date is the WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury partnership with Bally’s Corp to bring Bally Bet to Arizona. This is the first such partnership for a women’s professional sports team and only the third US state where Bally Bet is open for business.

Bally Bet plans to launch in Arizona in 2022. Stay tuned for details.

Is Bally Bet Legit?

Absolutely. Bally Bet is already up and running in other states and anxious to grow its US market share. 

  1. Bally Bet is a legal online sportsbook that is already operating in Iowa and Colorado.
  2. Bally Bet is regulated by the Arizona Department of Gaming. Customers can rest easy knowing that in the unlikely event that they have any issues, they can turn to the Department of Gaming for resolution.
  3. Bally Bet deals directly with US banks using US currency. There are no financial hoops to jump through to deposit and withdraw money from Bally Bet.
  4. Bally Bet is affiliated with Bally’s Corp which is one of the largest and most respected casino operators in the world. 
  5. Bally Bet is the official gaming partner of the WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury.
  6. Bally Bet’s customer service is available 24/7 to help with any issues. Its live chat feature is especially helpful and most issues are resolved in just a few minutes.

Why Choose Bally Bet Over Illegal Betting Sites

Sports betting and online wagering are legal in Arizona, and sportsbook apps are live. Nevertheless there are already some offshore sites that target Arizona residents as customers. These sites are operating illegally and consumers should avoid handing over their hard-earned money to them. 

If there are any issues with the deposit, withdrawals, or even the resolution of bets, customers have no one to turn to for assistance. It is not recommended to wager on illegal or offshore sports betting apps. 

Bally Bet will is regulated by the Arizona Department of Gaming. This means that customers can deposit with confidence knowing that they will be treated fairly. In the unlikely event that they have an issue with Bally Bet, they can turn to the Department of Gaming for assistance. 

Why Can You Trust Bally Bet with Your Money?

Bally Bet takes your privacy and security very seriously. Their Privacy Policy ensures that your information will not be accessible to unauthorized parties. In the event that you ever have an issue with Bally Bet, you can always turn to the Department of Gaming for assistance.

Its support is available 24/7 to assist customers who have questions or concerns with any aspect of their platform. 

Bally Bet Fact Sheet

How old do you have to be?21
What states is it legal in?AZ, CO, IA
Who is Bally Bet’s partner in Arizona?The Phoenix Mercury
Launch Date in ArizonaTBD

Bally Bet Arizona Sportsbook FAQ

Is it legal to bet on sports online at Bally Bet in Arizona?

Yes. Bally Bet launched in Arizona in 2022 and is available for Arizona bettors.

How old do you have to be to bet online at Bally Bet in Arizona?

You need to be 21 years old to create an account and place sports bets.

Do you have to be in Arizona when you place a sports wager at Bally Bet?

Yes, you need to be physically in Arizona in order to place a bet with your Bally Bet account.

Does Bally Bet offer any free bets or deposit bonuses?

Yes! Bally Bet offers new users a first bet match worth up to $250.

How many different sports can you bet on at Bally Bet?

Bally Bet’s offerings vary by the season but you can typically find around 10 or so different sports to bet on. This is less than some of its competitors but it covers all of the major US sports that most customers are typically looking for.

Can you do in-play betting at Bally Bet in Arizona?

Yes. There is even a section at the top of the App labeled “Live Now” which will take you to any games currently available for live betting.

Where is Bally Bet legal?

Bally Bet is currently legal in Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Indiana, and Virginia with New York launching soon.

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