Suns in 4? Odds Are At +350

The Phoenix Suns are two wins away from winning their very first NBA Finals.

So, can the Suns sweep the Milwaukee Bucks and win it all in just four games? The sports betting odds aren’t quite in their favor, but the Suns are still on top to win the series.

The Possible Sweep

The basketball world was stunned when the Phoenix Suns not only made it to the playoffs but when they took out the defending champs, the Los Angeles Lakers, in round one of the NBA Playoffs.

But what may have been even more shocking? The Suns swept MVP Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets in the Western Conference Semifinals.

It took the Suns six games to get the job done and win the Western Conference Finals, but after winning the first two of the NBA Finals, there are some talks of another sweep.

As of right now, BetMGM has the Phoenix Suns at +350 to win it in Game 4.

The Favorites To Win The Finals

Suns fans might be getting ahead of themselves if they think they can actually sweep the Bucks in the Finals. After all, it is the team’s first Finals appearance since 1993 and their first playoffs appearance in over a decade.

But things are looking promising for the Phoenix Suns to win the Finals, just maybe not in four games.

The Phoenix Suns have their best odds yet to win the Finals at -500.

The percentage of teams to win the series after starting 2-0? Around 90%!

The Valley of the Sun may want to slow down and take it game by game. Winning the NBA Championship shouldn’t be a walk in the park and even after the Suns beat the Bucks in Game 2 by double digits, playing them at home the next two games are going to be a challenge.

As for Game 3 of the NBA Finals, sportsbook apps like FanDuel, have the Suns as the underdog at -4 for opening odds.

But, Phoenix fans can still hope for…Suns in 4!

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