The Fall of the Diamondbacks: An Arizona Sports Bettor’s Nightmare

America’s favorite pastime is also a sport that sees quite a bit of sports betting action.

Of course, some teams are better than others and for those in Arizona, it is not a good year for baseball.

The Arizona Diamondbacks haven’t been to the playoffs since 2015, but each year their record seems to get worse and worse.

Diamondbacks Breaking Records

Breaking sports records is usually a good thing, but not for the Diamondbacks this year.

They broke a modern-day major league record with 23 consecutive road losses. If that wasn’t bad enough, the team broke a franchise record with their 15th straight loss. 

Unfortunately for Diamondback fans and sports bettors, the days of Randy Johnson, the playoffs, and high hopes for the World Series are long gone. 

The team was established in 1998 and went on to win the World Series in 2001, making them the quickest franchise to win a championship. But the Diamondbacks also fell quickly…and hard. 

What can the Diamondbacks do? Some fans are calling for the entire team (there really isn’t a standout ballplayer on the roster) and management to be fired. While others feel the team should just replace general manager Mike Hazen and team manager Torey Lovullo. This isn’t much of a surprise since the Diamondbacks were at the top of the list at the beginning of the season for teams most likely to fire their managers. 

The light at the end of the tunnel? The Diamondbacks have a deal with Caesars Sportsbook to open a sportsbook bar next to Chase Field in downtown Phoenix. This may keep the popularity of the Diamondbacks from declining, even with a losing record. 

Betting On The Arizona Diamondbacks

Sports bettors can still make wagers on the Diamondbacks, but they might want to stick to prop bets. 

With a 21-53 record, the Diamondbacks are at +20000 to win the World Series at BetMGM sportsbooks. FanDuel has Arizona at +30000 to win the World Series. The worst odds for the Diamondbacks are at Caesars Sportsbook, with the team at +50000 to win it all. 

The favorites to win the World Series by BetMGM happen to be the Diamondbacks’ rivals, the Los Angeles Dodgers at +340. The White Sox are close behind them at +650.

Arizona Prop Bets

Each game brings different prop bets to bet on. Most of the prop bets are based on player performance, while a few are based on team performance.

The most common prop bets for Diamondback games include:

  • How many hits the team will have
  • How many strikeouts a pitcher will throw
  • How many errors a team commits

Hopefully, the Diamondbacks and their fans have seen the worst of them, but it will most likely take a couple of years to rebuild a solid team, so they better start now.

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