Updated Arizona Sports Betting Launch Timeline

The September 9 launch date of Arizona sports betting is getting closer to being a reality after the Arizona Department of Gaming submitted finalized rules and regulations to the Secretary of State. Based on the ADG’s current timeline, Arizona should be set to officially launch sports betting on September 9.

New Sports Betting Details

There is still a little bit of confusion surrounding some of the language in the rules. Even though licensees can apply for a second sports betting platform, the second platform MUST be under the same systems and company as the first platform. That means that still only 20 sportsbook licenses will be granted, and these licensees can apply for another platform to add to the existing sports betting deal. For example, the Arizona Diamondbacks have a deal with Caesars. Caesars could open a “Dbacks Bet” branded app under the same license.

In addition, mobile bets will not be allowed on tribal land. Even if there is no retail sportsbooks nearby.

The ADG does not anticipate any issue with the Secretary of State approving these rules, meaning everything is right on track for the launch.

What Happens Next With Arizona Sports Betting

With the rules being submitted to the Secretary of State, now ADG begins accepting applications for sportsbook licenses. All of the applications are currently available on the ADG website. Even though a number of partnerships have formed between sportsbooks and local sports franchises and casinos, an application must be submitted t grant a license for sports betting operations.

The application fee for sports betting operators is $100,000. The operator will also pay an initial license fee of $750,000 and an annual fee of $150,000. The initial application period will close on August 9.

On August 10, the ADG will have up to five days to evaluate the submitted applications. We can expect a list of qualified applicants on August 16. If for some reason there are more applications than available licenses, the allocation period will start. The ADG will have up to eight days to decide which applications will receive licenses by using specific criteria that need to be met by the applicants.

By August 27, Arizona will announce the applicants who have received a license. August 28 will be the date that operators can start marketing and sports bettors can start downloading sportsbook apps such as FanDuel. Then, it is time to kick Arizona sports betting off on September 9.

Important Arizona Sports Betting Dates

Fantasy Sports will also be an option in Arizona. The launch date of that will be on August 28, ahead of the sports betting launch.

Other Important Sports Betting Dates To Mark On Your Calendar

  • August 16 – Full list of qualified sports betting operators announced
  • August 27 – Verified list of sports betting operators being awarded licenses
  • August 28 – Launch of Fantasy Sports
  • August 28 – Sportsbooks start marketing and apps are available for download (make sure to keep an eye out for pre-launch bonuses!)
  • September 9 – The NFL kicks off its 17 game season with the Dallas Cowboys at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers AND sports betting finally launches in Arizona!
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