Phoenix Suns NBA Finals Odds at +650

The Phoenix Suns stunned Arizona when they made it to the playoffs. Then, they stunned the world when they eliminated the Los Angeles Lakers in round 1.

The Suns were underdogs in the first playoff series, but defied all odds and ended up winning the series against the Lakers.

Now, the road to the Finals is looking better than ever after the Suns beat the Denver Nuggets in games 1 and 2 of the Western Conference Semifinals.

Suns Finals Odds Increase

Thanks to the Los Angeles Lakers being kicked out of the playoffs, the Suns were able to increase their odds. Making things interesting for sports bettors. They are also now the favorites to win the next series, against a pretty impressive Denver Nuggets team. However, the Suns have shown up the last two games, beating the Nuggets by double digits each game.

Even though MVP Nikola Jokić is on the Nuggets, the Suns seem to be too much for the Denver team. This is helping the Suns increase their odds, even more, to finally make it back to the Finals. The Suns haven’t been back to the Finals since 1993 when they lost to the Chicago Bulls in the last seconds of game 6.

With Chris Paul, Devin Booker, Deandre Ayton, and the Suns’ bench all playing their absolute best basketball, the momentum continues. This is why BetMGM currently has the Suns at +650 to win the Finals. At the beginning of the Finals? Caesars Sportsbook had the Suns at +1500 to win it all.

A lot of the team’s success in the playoffs also has to do with the Suns’ fans. They have brought the extra spark the team has needed to rally to a strong finish and continue to rack up the playoff wins.

Suns Finals Odds Timeline

The season didn’t start off so promisingly. After winning eight straight games in the NBA bubble, everyone was hopeful for a successful Suns season, but no one ever expected this. Especially those into sports betting.

The Suns and their young, all-star roster continued to dominate in the regular season, putting up big stats and finally making a name for themselves after a decade of missing the playoffs. Of course, the addition of Chris Paul had a lot to do with success. And Coach Monty Williams also deserves some credit.

Once the Suns made the playoffs, the team really started coming together. The first series against the defending champs was looking to be the end of the road for the Suns, but they managed to take the series in game 6 and move on to the next round. Now, they are still on a magical playoff run and the team and fans are more hopeful than ever that they can return to the Finals, 28 years later.



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